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Round 2 Feature Match: Bo Tang Versus Pabel Arizaga

November 23rd, 2014

Canada’s Bo Tang is no stranger to the feature match area, considered to be one of the best Duelists in North America and he plans to prove it today with his Artifact Shaddoll Deck. His opponent, Pabel Arizaga, is Dueling with a Satellarknight Deck using Magic Planter to recycle used copies of Call of the Haunted and other Continuous Trap Cards.

Tang rolled an impressive 6 to Arizaga’s unlucky 1, so Tang chose to go first.

Duel One

Tang opened with two copies of Mathematician, a Shaddoll Beast, a Shaddoll Falco, and Shaddoll Core. He Normal Summoned Mathematician and used its effect to yard Shaddoll Squamata and Shaddoll Beast in succession, getting a Felis, Lightsworn Archer off of the draw from Shaddoll Beast. He Set Shaddoll Core before ending.

Arizaga Normal Summoned Satellarknight Altair and declared an attack over Mathematician, netting Tang an Artifact Ignition off of its draw effect. Arizaga Set a massive 5 back row before ending.

Tang drew Shaddoll Fusion for turn, one of the best enablers he could have found! He announced that he was entering Main Phase to which Arizaga made no comment but a nod. Tang Normal Summoned Mathematician and sent Shaddoll Dragon from his Deck, then used its effect to blindly hit Arizaga’s Vanity’s Emptiness! This made a clear opening for Tang to activate the freshly drawn Shaddoll Fusion, but when he did Arizaga responded with Solemn Warning to shut it down. Tang Set Artifact Ignition before ending.

Arizaga drew and went to Battle Phase, he attacked over Mathematician with Altair, netting Tang Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning off of the draw. He Set another back row before ending.

Tang drew Sinister Shadow Games for turn, then Set it along with Shaddoll Falco before passing. During his End Phase, Arizaga had Mystical Space Typhoon for the Sinister Shadow Games.

Arizaga declared an attack with Satellarknight Altair on Tang’s face-down Shaddoll Falco, the Shaddoll Falco effect Special Summoned Shaddoll Beast face down. He Set another back row before ending.

Tang drew Artifact Sanctum for turn. He then Flip Summoned Shaddoll Beast and drew Shaddoll Dragon along with El Shaddoll Fusion, then considered what to discard. He opted to ditch the Shaddoll Dragon, which then activated targeting one of Arizaga’s back row. Arizaga thought for a moment and then chose to use Stellarnova Alpha to negate the effect and protect his other back row, but it costed him his Satellarknight Altair and he didn’t even get to draw from Stellarnova Alpha because it could not destroy the Shaddoll Dragon in the Graveyard. Tang moved to Battle Phase and declared an attack with Shaddoll Beast, Arizaga responded with Dimensional Prison which prompted Tang to Chain Shaddoll Core. Arizaga responded with Vanity’s Emptiness which seemed to be Tang’s plan all along, because this let him Chain El Shaddoll Fusion! Without a response to El Shaddoll Fusion Tang Chained Artifact Ignition to destroy the Vanity’s Emptiness. The Ignition Set an Artifact Moralltach, the El Shaddoll Fusion Summoned El Shaddoll Construct and Shaddoll Core turned into a Monster. Construct sent Shaddoll Hedgehog which let Tang add Shaddoll Dragon to his hand. Because this was all in the Battle Phase, Tang made attacks with Construct and Core before Setting Artifact Sanctum and ending his turn.

Arizaga drew and Set a card Spell/Trap before ending.

Tang drew Artifact ignition. He declared an attack with Shaddoll Core which caused Arizaga to respond with Call of the Haunted, but Tang responded with the freshly drawn Ignition.  The Core made a direct attack but El Shaddoll Construct’s attackgot stopped by Fiendish Chain. In Main Phase 2, Tang tributed the Construct for a Set Shaddoll Beast, letting him add back El Shaddoll Fusion from his Graveyard via Construct’s effect. He Set the El Shaddoll Fusion before ending his turn.

Arizaga drew and activated Pot of Duality but revealed three blanks, seeing the writing on the wall he  conceded.

Tang took an impressive victory with his Artifact Shaddoll Deck in game one, but Arizaga is sure to have a Side Deck prepared for this situation. Can he manage to win two consecutive games against Tang? Both Duelists shuffled up for the second game.


Duel Two

Arizaga chose to go first and started things off with Reinforcement of the Army finding Satellarknight Vega. He Normal Summoned Vega and used its effect to Special Summon Satellarknight Unukalhai, which then sent Satellarknight Deneb to his Graveyard. He Set three back row before ending.

Tang opened with a hand of Shaddoll Beast, Vanity’s Emptiness, El Shaddoll Fusion, Artifact Sanctum, and Double Cyclone. He drew Artifact Moralltach for turn, and without much contemplation chose to activate El Shaddoll Fusion feeling safe because of Double Cyclone. Arizaga responded with Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, which prompted Tang to Chain his Double Cyclone on his El Shaddoll Fusion and the Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. El Shaddoll Fusion resolved using Shaddoll Beast and Artifact Moralltach as materials to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct. Construct and Beast activated, letting Tang send Shaddoll Core to his Graveyard and get a Shaddoll Dragon off of the free draw. Shaddoll Core triggered in a new Chain, letting Tang add the El Shaddoll Fusion back. He Normal Summoned the Shaddoll Dragon, then entered Battle Phase declaring attacks to clear the opposing Monsters and putting Arizaga to 7300 Life Points. After Tang Set all three of his back row, Arizaga activated Call of the Haunted on Satellarknight Unukalhai which sent Satellarknight Altair to the Graveyard. A second copy of Call let Satellarknight Altair hit the field, and the Altair revived Satellarknight Deneb which searched another Altair.

Arizaga drew for turn and Tang activated Vanity’s Emptiness during his Draw Phase. Completed halted, he could only Set a back row before ending.


Tang drew Mystical Space Typhoon for turn and moved to battle, attacking over both Satellarknight Unukalhai and Satellarknight Altair with both of his Monsters.

Arizaga drew a card and Set it to his back row.

Tang drew Shaddoll Falco for turn, attacked with Shaddoll Dragon over Satellarknight Deneb and directly with El Shaddoll Construct before ending.

Arizaga drew for turn and was still locked under the Vanity’s Emptiness. He Set a card to his back row and Set his previously searched Satellarknight Altair before ending.

Tang drew Shaddoll Squamata for turn, and declared an attack over Shaddoll Dragon over the Set Altair and directly with El Shaddoll Construct for game!