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Round 3 Feature Match: Shane Wilson Versus Isaac Rocha

November 23rd, 2014

It’s Round 3! We’re here with Shane Wilson and Isaac Rocha, two local area Duelists. Wilson is using a Noble Knight Deck, packing all of the new cards from the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set. He’s up against Rocha’s Harpie Deck, which has a strong matchup against Noble Knights thanks to Harpie’s Hunting Ground and Ice Beast Zerofyne. Wilson even asked, “Did you do this on purpose?!” when he found out what Rocha had! There was only one problem – Rocha had never Dueled against Noble Knights before, and didn’t know what any of the cards did! Will he be able to figure it out mid-match?

Duel 1

Rocha won the die roll and decided to go second. Considering his Deck’s Field Spell and aggressive tendencies, it was a logical choice.

Wilson started off with a hand of Noble Arms of Destiny, Last Chapter of the Noble Knights, Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr, Noble Knight Gawayn, and Noble Knight Medraut. He played Medraut and equipped it with Destiny. He Special Summoned Noble Knight Borz, Destiny was destroyed, and re-equipped to Borz. Borz’s effect put Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms and Noble Arms – Excaliburn in the Graveyard, and Noble Arms – Caliburn in Wilson’s hand. He played Caliburn on Medraut, and gained 500 Life Points. Next, he stacked Borz and Medraut to Xyz Summon Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus! Artorigus equipped Caliburn, Excaliburn, and Destiny. Wilson gained another 500 Life Points with Caliburn. Finally, he equipped Artorigus with Gwenhwyfar from the Graveyard.

Rocha activated Harpie’s Hunting Ground, and played Harpie Dancer. Hunting Ground destroyed Gwenhwyfar, then Dancer returned to the hand. Rocha Normal Summoned Harpie Channeler, destroying Noble Arms of Destiny – it re-equipped itself. Channeler sent Harpie Lady 1 to the Graveyard to Special Summon Harpie’s Pet Dragon! He Xyz Summoned Number 11: Big Eye, but his unfamiliarity with Noble Knights left him stranded when Big Eye couldn’t get through Excaliburn!

Wilson drew Noble Arms – Gallatin. He gained 500 Life Points with Caliburn, then used Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus’s effect to destroy Big Eye. Wilson equipped Artorigus with Gwenhwyfar and Gallatin, then Normal Summoned Gawayn. Gawayn and Artorigus attacked directly – the score was 2100 to 9500, with Wilson leading.

Rocha discarded Harpie Queen to add Harpie’s Hunting Ground to his hand. He played Summoner Monk next, discarding the Hunting Ground to Special Summon Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite! He Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Exciton Knight, detaching Zephyros to use its effect. Due to all of the Noble Arms protection, along with them re-equipping, Wilson still kept a field of Artorigus equipped with Destiny, Caliburn, and Gallatin, while Rocha lost his Hunting Ground.

Wilson drew another Last Chapter of the Noble Knights. He used Artorigus’s effect to destroy Exciton Knight, then gained 500 Life Points with Caliburn. He equipped Artorigus with Gwenhwyfar, and Artorigus finished off Rocha’s Life Points!

Shane Wilson takes the first victory, putting together an impenetrable field on the first turn!

Duel 2

Wilson began with Trap Stun, Noble Arms of Destiny, Bottomless Trap Hole, Noble Knight Borz, and Noble Knight Drystan. He played Borz and Destiny, and Borz’s effect put Caliburn and Gwenhwyfar in the Graveyard, with Excaliburn in the hand. He activated Gwenhwyfar from the Graveyard, then played Excaliburn. He Set Trap Stun and Bottomless Trap Hole.

Rocha Set a monster and two back row cards.

Wilson drew Trap Stun. He activated Borz’s effect again, adding Excaliburn to his hand, and Gwenhwyfar and Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr to his Graveyard. Wilson flipped Trap Stun, then Normal Summoned Drystan. Drystan destroyed Harpie Lady 1 in battle, then Borz struck directly. Wilson Set his other Trap Stun.

Rocha discarded Harpie Queen to add Harpie’s Hunting Ground to his hand. He played it, then Normal Summoned Harpie Dancer so Hunting Ground could destroy Bottomless Trap Hole. He bounced Dancer back, then Normal Summoned it again. Hunting Ground targeted Trap Stun, and Wilson Chained it. Rocha Set a third back row card.

Wilson drew Borz. He equipped Drystan with Excaliburn, and Drystan’s effect destroyed Hunting Ground. Drystan destroyed Harpie Dancer in battle, and Borz left Rocha with only 4000 Life Points remaining.

Rocha flipped Hysteric Party! He discarded Summoner Monk, reviving Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Queen, and Harpie Dancer! He stacked Lady 1 and Dancer for Ice Beast Zerofyne! It negated all of Wilson’s cards, jumping up to 4400 ATK! Zerofyne crushed Dryan in battle, then Harpie Queen took out Borz! Rocha Set a back row card to finish.

Wilson drew Reinforcement of the Army! He got Noble Knight Medraut, equipping it with Gwenhwyfar from the Graveyard – and Rocha flipped Compulsory Evacuation Device on Medraut!

Rocha flipped another Hysteric Party, reviving Harpie Lady 1! With the boost from her effect, Rocha was able to deal 5500 damage – just enough to finish Wilson off!

Isaac Rocha evens the score, crushing Wilson’s amazing field thanks to Ice Beast Zerofyne!

Duel 3

Wilson began the final Duel with a hand of Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr, Reinforcement of the Army, Noble Knight Gawayn, Noble Knight Medraut, and Noble Knight Borz. He played Medraut and Arfeuduty. Medraut Special Summoned Borz from the Deck and re-equipped Arfeudutyr to it. Borz’s effect put Caliburn in Wilson’s hand, and Gwenhwyfar and Excaliburn in the Graveyard. He equipped Medraut with Caliburn to gain 500 Life Points, then Xyz Summoned Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus! He equipped it with Excaliburn, Caliburn, Arfeudutyr, and Gwenhwyfar from his Graveyard. He gained another 500 Life Points before passing.

Rocha played Hysteric Sign to get Elegant Egotist. He played Harpie Dancer and used Elegant Egotist to Special Summon Harpie Lady 1. He Xyz Summoned Ice Beast Zerofyne, negating Wilson’s field and going to 3800 ATK! Zerofyne destroyed Artorigus, and it revived Medraut with its effect in the Graveyard. Rocha Set two back row cards.

Wilson drew Merlin, and time in the round was called there would be five turns after this to determine a winner. Wilson used Gwenhwyfar in the Graveyard to equip Medraut, and Medraut Special Summoned Drystan from the Deck, and it was lost to Bottomless Trap Hole. Wilson played Reinforcement of the Army next, getting Gawayn. He played Merlin next, and it Special Summoned Noble Knight Bedwyr. Bedwyr put Noble Arms of Destiny in the Graveyard. Wilson Special Summoned both Gawayns from his hand, and moved Medraut to Attack Position. He stacked the Gawayns for Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights, and it equipped itself with Caliburn, Excaliburn, and Destiny. He gained 500 Life Points with Caliburn. He still couldn’t get over Zerofyne, and passed. In the End Phase, Rocha flipped Mystical Space Typhoon on his Hysteric Sign, getting Channeler, Dancer, and Queen to his hand.

Rocha discarded Queen to get Harpie’s Hunting Ground. He played Summoner Monk, discarding Hunting Ground to Special Summon Harpie Channeler from the Deck. He used Channeler, discarding another Channeler, to Special Summon a Dancer. He used Zerofyne’s effect, negating Wilson’s field and shooting Zerofye to 4700 ATK! He stacked his other three monsters for Evilswarm Ouroboros! He used its effect to bounce away Artorigus, and that let Caliburn and Destiny re-equip to Bedwyr. Ouroboros attacked Medraut, and Wilson used Merlin to Xyz Summon another Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights! Artorigus equipped itself with Destiny, Excaliburn, and Arfeudutyr. Zerofyne smashed Artorigus for 2200 damage, but Artorigus survived with Noble Arms of Destiny. Rocha Set a card to his back row.

Wilson drew Solemn Warning. He used Caliburn to go up to 6200 Life Points. He used Arfeudutyr’s effect to destroy Rocha’s Hysteric Party. Next, he banished Excaliburn to upgrade Artorigus into Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus, equipping it with Arfeudutyr, Caliburn, and Destiny. He gained another 500 Life Points. He Normal Summoned Borz and equipped it with Gwenhwyfar. Artorigus destroyed Zerofyne with its effect. Borz attacked Ouroboros, and Gwenhwyfar’s effect destroyed it! Artorigus attacked directly, dropping Rocha to 5300.

Rocha played Harpie Channeler. He discarded Dancer, and Wilson flipped Solemn Warning to shut him down. Rocha only had one card left in his hand with which to get over Wilson’s field – it was Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms. He Special Summoned it to destroy Borz in battle.

Wilson drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He destroyed Tempest with Artorigus’s effect, attacking directly. He Set Mystical Space Typhoon to finish.

Rocha revived Tempest with its effect. This was the final turn in the End of Match Procedures, and Rocha was behind by 1900 Life Points. He only had Tempest and one card in his hand. He played his final card, Upstart Goblin! This last draw would determine if he could make a comeback… but it was Summoner Monk!

Shane Wilson is victorious, with Noble Knights!