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Round 7 Feature Match: Charles  Ramsey Versus Steven Corwin

November 23rd, 2014

Entering Round 7 we have two pretty neat Decks still undefeated. Charles Ramsey is playing Satellarknights with some cool stuff from The New Challengers such as Satellarknight Sirius, Satellarknight Procyon, Stellarknight Triverr, and Oasis of Dragon Souls. Steven Corwin is playing a 53 card Artifact Shaddoll with Kuribandit and Call of the Haunted.

Which Duelist will emerge unscathed?

Duel One:

Corwin started things off with Mathematician sending Shaddoll Squamata which would in turn send Shaddoll Falco. Falco Special Summoned itself face-down, and then Corwin Set 3 cards to his back row before ending.

Ramsey opened with Reinforcement of the Army, Satellarknight Altair, Torrential Tribute, Satellarknight Deneb, Breakthrough Skill, and drew Dust Tornado for turn. He activated ‘rota to search Satellarknight Procyon, used its effect to send Satellarknight Deneb to the Graveyard and drew Satellarknight Unukalhai. During the End Phase, Corwin had Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Dragon to his Graveyard and Flip his Shaddoll Falco. He used Dragon to destroy Ramsey’s Set Dust Tornado, and Falco Special Summoned Shaddoll Dragon face-down.

Corwin drew and Flip Summoned Shaddoll Dragon and used its effect to target Ramsey’s back row, he Chained Torrential Tribute to wipe the field but Corwin’s Shaddoll Falco re-Special Summoned itself face-down. He Set another Monster before ending his turn.

Ramsey drew Sirius. He Normal Summoned Satellarknight Unukalhai and used its effect to send Satellarknight Vega to the Graveyard. He thought about attacking for a moment, but opted to end his turn instead.

Corwin Flip Summoned his re-Set Shaddoll Falco and tried to use its effect to Special Summon Shaddoll Squamata, but lost out to Breakthrough Skill. He then tributed his Set Glow-Up Bulb for Shaddoll Beast and attacked over Satellarknight Unukalhai with the Beast, and directly with the Falco to put Ramsey down to 7000 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, he used Bulb’s effect to Special Summon itself and milled Shaddoll Hedgehog! The Hedgehog added Shaddoll Dragon to his hand, and then he Synchroed away the Bulb and Beast for Goyo Guardian. He Set another back row before ending.


Ramsey drew Reinforcement of the Army for turn to added Satellarknight Deneb, and then Normal Summoned Satellarknight Altair and tried to use its effect to Special Summon Satellarknight Vega but lost out to Corwin’s Vanity’s Emptiness! He moved to Battle Phase and attacked over the Attack Mode Shaddoll Falco, destroying the Emptiness along with it. He then ended his turn.

Corwin drew to two cards in hand, then used Foolish Burial to send Shaddoll Beast to his Graveyard and draw a card. He Normal Summoned the previously searched Shaddoll Dragon, then declared an attack with Goyo Guardian stealing Satellarknight Altair, and then directly with Shaddoll Dragon to put Ramsey down to 4000 Life Points. He overlayed the Altair with the Shaddoll Dragon in Main Phase 2 to Xyz Summon Daigusto Emeral, shuffling back Shaddoll Falco, Shaddoll Beast, and Shaddoll Dragon to draw a card before ending his turn.

Ramsey drew Stellarnova Alpha for turn, then Normal Summoned Satellarknight Deneb and used its effect to add Satellarknight Altair to hand. He Set the Alpha before ending his turn.

Corwin drew for turn and tried to activate Daigusto Emeral, but lost out to Stellarnova Alpha which got Ramsey a Breakthrough Skill off the draw. Corwin followed it up with Kuribandit, and made direct attacks with it and Goyo Guardian leaving Ramsey with 200 Life Points. He Set a back row and ended his turn, using Kuribandit during the End Phase excavating Shaddoll Hedgehog, Artifact Sanctum, Mathematician, Artifact Ignition, and El Shaddoll Fusion. He added the El Shaddoll Fusion from Kuribandit’s effect, and then searched Shaddoll Dragon with Hedgehog. He then used the El Shaddoll Fusion still during the End Phase to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct using Artifact Beagalltach and Shaddoll Beast from his hand. He sent Shaddoll Falco with Construct and drew a card for Beast before Falco Special Summoned itself face-down.

Ramsey drew Compulsory Evacuation Device for turn and then Normal Summoned Satellarknight Altair, and used its effect to Special Summon Satellarknight Vega into play. The Vega Special Summoned Satellarknight Sirius from his hand, which then shuffled back five Satellarknight Monsters into his Deck which let him draw Oasis of Dragon Souls. He then overlayed all three of the Satellarknights to Xyz Summon Stellarknight Triverr! Trivver’s effect activated to return everything to the hand, and Corwin Chained Call of the Haunted to Special Summon Shaddoll Dragon so he could add it back to his hand as well. Ramsey then used Triverr’s effect and randomly sent Artifact Moralltach from Corwin’s hand to the Graveyard. He then Set the remaining cards in his hand to his back row and ended.

Corwin drew to a full six cards in hand and contemplated his next move. He Set a Monster along with two back row before ending.

Ramsey drew Satellarknight Procyon for turn before asking Corwin how many cards he had in hand, which Corwin promptly responded, “Three.” He activated Stellarknight Triverr’s effect, randomly sending Corwin’s Kuribandit to the Graveyard. Ramsey followed that up with an attempt at Special Summoning Satellarknight Altair with Oasis of Dragon Souls, but Corwin hand a Vanity’s Emptiness and responded to his own Emptiness with Call of the Haunted. The Call brought back Artifact Moralltach, which then triggered but Ramsey banished Breakthrough Skill from his Graveyard to stop it. He ended his turn right after.

Corwin drew and simply Set a Monster before ending.

Ramsey drew Soul Charge for turn. He declared an attack with Stellarknight Triverr on one of Corwin’s face-downs, but lost it to the effect of Shaddoll Dragon when he ran into it. Nearly defenseless, he ended.

Corwin drew for turn and then Flipped Shaddoll Falco trying to Special Summon Shaddoll Beast, but its effect got negated by Breakthrough Skill. Corwin then Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon with Artifact Moralltach and the Falco destroying what was left of Ramsey’s defenses, the Normal Summoned Shaddoll Squamata that followed was enough to win the game.

It went back and forth for a while there, but Corwin shows us once again that Shaddoll is a strong contendor. That doesn’t mean that Ramsey is down for the count though; Stellarknight Triverr is super powerful and could give Ramsey what he needs to win games two and three.

After the Decks were presented, Ramsey chose to go first.

Duel Two:

Ramsey opened a hand of Satellarknight Vega, Satellarknight Sirius, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Oasis of Dragon Souls, and Call of the Haunted. He Set all three Traps along with Satellarknight Vega.


Corwin drew and activated El Shaddoll Fusion, sending Artifact Moralltach and Shaddoll Beast to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct. He then sent Shaddoll Squamata to the Graveyard with Construct and drew a card for Beast. Squamata sent Shaddoll Dragon to the Graveyard and destroyed Ramsey’s Set Call of the Haunted. When Corwin tried to declare an attack over the Set Monster, Ramsey had Compulsory Evacuation Device to stop it. Corwin Set 3 back row before passing.

Ramsey drew Nobleman of Crossout and then used it on Corwin’s Set Monster, blowing away Shaddoll Falco along with another copy from Corwin’s Deck. He then Flip Summoned Satellarknight Vega and attempted to use its effect, Corwin Chained Artifact Ignition to destroy Ramsey’s Set Oasis of Dragon Souls.

Corrwin drew a card, Set it to his back row, then attacked directly with Artifact Moralltach.

Ramsey drew Stellarnova Alpha for turn, Set it and passed. During the End Phase, Corwin used Call of the Haunted during the End Phase to Special Summonn Shaddoll Beast to make his clock to win faster.

Corwin drew and attacked with both his Monsters immediately, then Set another back row before ending.

Ramsey drew Mystical Space Typhoon for turn, and then extended the handshake to Corwin.


Game two ended up being much easier for Corwin than game one, and he moves on with an 7-0 record guaranteeing Day 2!