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Round 8 Feature Match: Chris Rodriguez Versus Nick Kaelin

November 23rd, 2014

We’re nearing the end of Day 1 here at YCS Anaheim! For this round, we’ve got two Qliphort Duelists! Nick Kaelin is using Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to add consistency to his Deck, at the cost of some speed. Chris Rodriguez is playing a secret tech card, Forbidden Scripture! Scripture lets him negate all of his Qliphorts, resetting their ATK, as well as shutting down tons of stuff like Shaddoll Flip Effects or opposing Saqlifices. He can even turn destroy a monster without losing his Vanity’s Emptiness!

The Qliphorts are ready, and it’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Kaelin played Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to his Pendulum Zone, then Normal Summoned Qliphort Carrier. He equipped it with Saqlifice. In the End Phase, Odd-Eyes gave him Qliphort Scout.

Rodriguez began with a hand of Qliphort Shell, Qliphort Disk, 3 Saqlifice, and Performapal Trampolynx. He put Trampolynx and Qliphort Shell in his Pendulum Zones, and Pendulum Summoned Qliphort Disk. He used Trampolynx to return Shell to his hand. He equipped Disk with Saqlifice, and Tributed it to Tribute Summon Shell! Saqlifice let him search for Qliphort Scout. He played that in his Pendulum Zone, and used it to search for Qlimate Change. He equipped Shell with Saqlifice and attacked, hitting Carrier twice for 1000 each time – Carrier survived with its own Saqlifice. Rodriguez Set Qlimate Change.


Kaelin played a Qliphort Scout of his own into the Pendulum Zone, and used it to search for Saqlifice. He played Qliphort Disk to his other Pendulum Zone, which let him Pendulum Summon Qliphort Helix. He Tributed Helix for Qliphort Carrier, and Helix targeted Qlimate Change – Rodriguez Chained it to get back Qliphort Disk. Kaelin equipped his new Carrier with Saqlifice as well.

Rodriguez drew Qliphort Helix. He used Scout to get Carrier, and Pendulum Summoned Helix and Carrier! Trampolynx returned Scout to his hand. He Tributed Carrier and Helix to Tribute Summon Qliphort Disk! Carrier bounced away Kaelin’s full-power Carrier, and Disk Special Summoned another Carrier and Disk for Rodriguez. Kaelin’s Saqlifice was destroyed, so he got Shell. Rodriguez Xyz Summoned Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer, bouncing Kaelin’s remaining Carrier – that left Kaelin wide open for all of Rodriguez’s monsters!

Duel 2

Kaelin began with Qliphort Helix and two back row cards.

Rodriguez started with Mystical Space Typhoon, Vanity’s Emptiness, Qliphort Scout, Spell Shattering Arrow, and 2 Saqlifice. He played Scout to his Pendulum Zone, using it to search for Qliphort Helix. He Normal Summoned Helix and equipped it with Saqlifice. It attacked, and was bounced away by Kaelin’s Compulsory Evacuation Device. Saqlifice was destroyed, and Rodriguez searched for Qliphort Carrier. He played it to his Pendulum Zone, then used Mystical Space Typhoon on Kaelin’s other Set card, but Kaelin Chained it: Spell Shattering Arrow! The Arrow destroyed Carrier, Scout, and the still face-up Mystical Space Typhoon for a total of 1500 damage. Rodriguez Set his own Arrow, Saqlifice, and Vanityx.

Kaelin played Denko Sekka! He attacked with it and Helix.

Rodriguez drew Dust Tornado. He played Helix and equipped it with Saqlifice, destroying Denko Sekka. He Set Dust Tornado to finish.

Kaelin Normal Summoned Carrier. Rodriguez flipped Vanity’s Emptiness, and Kaelin used this opportunity play System Down! Rodriguez lost all of his monsters, and conceded!

Nick Kaelin evens the score with a huge System Down play!


Duel 3

Rodriguez had Spell Shattering Arrow, Pot of Duality, Saqlifice, Qliphort Helix, and Qliphort Disk. He played Pot of Duality first, choosing Solemn Warning over Spell Shattering Arrow or Vanity’s Emptiness. He played Helix and equipped it with Saqlifice, then Set Warning and Spell Shattering Arrow.

Kaelin played his own Pot of Duality, revealing Saqlifice, Summoner’s Art, and Helix. He took Summoner’s Art, and used it to grab Qliphort Scout. He played it, then paid 800 Life Points for its effect. Rodriguez Chained Spell Shattering Arrow to destroy Scout and deal 500 damage. Kaelin used System Down, banishing Helix, and Rodriguez got to search out Qliphort Scout thanks to Saqlifice. Kaelin played Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to his Pendulum Zone, then Set three back row cards. He used Odd-Eyes to get Scout.

Rodriguez drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He played Scout and paid for its effect, and Kaelin used Spell Shattering Arrow to destroy it! Rodriguez Normal Summoned Qliphort Disk and attacked directly. He Set Mystical Space Typhoon to finish.

Kaelin flipped Trap Stun. He played Qliphort Scout and paid for it, and Rodriguez destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon. Kaelin played another Odd-Eyes, using it to get Scout in the End Phase.

Rodriguez drew Carrier. Disk and Carrier attacked directly. Kaelin’s remaining cards couldn’t save him, and Rodriguez was the victor!

Chris Rodriguez is the winner of this Qliphort mirror match!

After the Match, Chris wanted to take a moment to thank Konami for being accommodating for him – Chris, like many others, needs a service dog, so he’s been given special seating for the tournament. If you’ve ever got a special situation and need assistance, just let us know! It’s no trouble at all for us to help you out. Here’s Chris with his dog, Bonnie – she was waiting under his chair while he was dueling, and she was a great treat to have around.