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Finals Feature Match: Steven De Lara versus Barrett Keys

February 16th, 2015

Steven De Lara and Barrett Keys both made it to the Finals this weekend after masterfully using their Nekroz Decks in the Swiss Rounds and then skillfully drafting Battle Pack 3: Monster League. They Dueled against each other during Round 2 of the tournament, and their Match ended in a draw. Now, both of these Californian Duelists will be Dueling once again, and this time, there must be a clear victor. One of these two Duelists is about to become the champion of YCS Tacoma. It’s time to Duel!


Duel One


De Lara chose for Keys to go first. Keys passed his first turn without making a play.


De Lara opened up with Defender, the Magical Knight, Koa’ki Meiru War Arms, Murmur of the Forest, Chain Dog, No Entry!!, and Stegocyber. He Summoned Chain Dog and attacked directly, dropping Keys down to 6400 Life Points. De Lara Set No Entry!! before passing his turn.


Keys Summoned Winged Rhinos and attacked Chain Dog to destroy it, dealing 200 points of damage to De Lara. Keys Set a card to his back row before ending his turn.


De Lara Summoned Berserk Gorilla. He attacked Winged Rhinos, and Keys activated Enemy Controller, switching Berserk Gorilla into Defense Position and causing it to destroy itself with its effect.


Keys attacked directly with Winged Rhinos and then Summoned Tardy Orc in Main Phase 2.


De Lara drew Cyber Phoenix and then activated Murmur of the Forest to put Winged Rhinos face-down. He Summoned Cyber Phoenix and attacked the face-down Winged Rhinos to destroy it.


Keys Summoned Fabled Ashenveil and attacked Cyber Phoenix; but De Lara flipped No Entry!! to switch all monsters on the field into Defense Position! Keys switched his Tardy Orc back into Attack Position during Main Phase 2.


De Lara Summoned Defender, the Magical Knight and put a Spell Counter on it. He Special Summoned Chain Dog from his Graveyard next, thanks to his Chain Dog’s effect. Chain Dog attacked and destroyed Keys’s Defense Position Ashenveil, and De Lara combined Chain Dog with Cyber Phoenix to Xyz Summon Heroic Champion – Gandiva in Main Phase 2.


Keys Summoned Blizzard Dragon and then activated its effect targeting Gandiva. Blizzard Dragon attacked Defender next, costing it its Spell Counter. Tardy Orc attacked and destroyed Gandiva next. Keys Set a card to his back row before passing his turn.


De Lara switched his Defender into Defense Position and then Summoned Reptilianne Gorgon. He attacked Tardy Orc with his Gorgon. His Gorgon was destroyed, he lost 800 Life Points, and Tardy Orc’s ATK were reduced to 0.


Keys activated Bound Wand, equipping it to his Blizzard Dragon. He attacked Defender with Blizzard Dragon to destroy it and then Set a monster.


De Lara Summoned Koa’ki Meiru War Arms and activated its effect to equip it with the Reptilianne Gorgon in his Graveyard. He attacked a face-down Magical Undertaker with his War Arms, and Keys Special Summoned Fabled Ashenveil from his Graveyard in Attack Position with his Undertaker’s effect. De Lara revealed Victory Viper XX03 from his hand in the End Phase to keep his War Arms on the field.


Keys activated Miracle Fertilizer and Special Summoned Winged Rhinos from his Graveyard. He attacked War Arms with his Blizzard Dragon, causing War Arms to give up its equipped monster to protect itself. Winged Rhinos attacked War Arms next to destroy it. Fabled Ashenveil attacked directly next, dropping De Lara down to 2800 Life Points.


De Lara drew a card and then Summoned Victory Viper XX03. He attacked Tardy Orc with Victory Viper XX03 to try to destroy it, but Keys flipped Intrigue Shield to protect it. De Lara conceded thereafter, completely overwhelmed by Keys’s field.


Intriguing Victory


Barrett Keys makes short work of Steven De Lara in Duel 1! Keys is just one win away from becoming the winner of YCS Tacoma!


Duel Two


Keys started off Duel 2 by Setting a card to his back row.


De Lara opened up Duel 2 with Submarineroid, Spined Gillman, Shadow Spell, Butterflyoke, and Madolche Baaple. He drew a card, Summoned Spined Gillman, and attacked directly. De Lara Set 3 cards to his back row before ending his turn.


Keys activated Machine Assembly Line and then Normal Summoned Winged Rhinos. He attacked Spined Gillman with Winged Rhinos and De Lara flipped Plant Food Chain to increase his Gillman’s ATK by 500. Winged Rhinos was destroyed in battle and Keys lost 400 Life Points. Keys added 2 Junk Counters to his Machine Assembly Line. Keys Set a card to his back row and passed.


De Lara Summoned Submarineroid and attacked directly with Submarineroid before switching Submarineroid to Defense Position with its effect. Next, Spined Gillman attacked directly, and Keys flipped Scapegoat! He Special Summoned 4 Sheep Tokens to the field! Spined Gillman attacked one of them, and Keys flipped Psychic Reactor! Spined Gillman was banished from the Duel when the Sheep Token went down, and Keys added 2 Counters to his Machine Assembly Line.


Keys Summoned Golden Flying Fish and Tributed his 3 Sheep Tokens to destroy all of De Lara’s back row cards. He activated Bound Wand next, equipping it to his Golden Flying Fish to increase its ATK. He attacked and destroyed Submarineroid with his Flying Fish next, and added 2 more counters to his Machine Assembly Line.


De Lara Summoned Madolche Baaple and activated its effect to switch itself and Golden Flying Fish into Defense Position.


Keys Summoned Gorgonic Golem and Tributed it with Golden Flying Fish’s effect to destroy Madolche Baaple. De Lara shuffled his Baaple back into his Deck with his Baaple’s effect. Keys Special Summoned Winged Rhinos with the effect of Machine Assembly Line next, and then attacked directly with his Rhinos.


De Lara Summoned Meklord Army of Granel and activated its effect to halve the ATK of Winged Rhinos. He attacked Winged Rhinos with Granel to destroy it in battle.


Keys switched his Golden Flying Fish into Attack Position and then activated Scapegoat to Summon 4 Sheep Tokens to the field! He Tributed a Sheep Token to destroy Granel with his Fish’s effect and then attacked directly with his Fish to drop De Lara down to 4100 Life Points.


De Lara Summoned Black Brachios and activated its effect to switch the Fish to Defense Position. He attacked it to destroy it, and Keys Special Summoned it back to the field with Bound Wand.


Keys Tributed a Sheep Token to destroy Black Brachios with his Fish’s effect. He attacked directly with his Fish next, Summoned Tardy Orc, and then Set a card to his back row.


It was all over moments later, as attacks from Keys’s Tardy Orc and Golden Flying Fish finished De Lara off!


Tardy Fish


Barrett Keys is the winner of YCS Tacoma thanks to Golden Flying Fish!