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QQ: Which Monster Armor Would You Choose?

February 15th, 2015

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The Nekroz Ritual Monsters wear aspects of powerful monsters from the past to enhance their own powers. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which monster from the past they would choose to wear as armor. Check out their responses!

Doom Donuts. Its teeth are fierce.” –Eddie Lawrence


Thought Ruler Archfiend. Then I can’t be targeted.” –Bryan Bejas


Number 16: Shock Master. It has a lingering effect.” –Travis Dion


Dark Magician.” –Jim Ike


“Exodia. Then I can instantly win at life.” –Nicco Eblum-Tabanda


Dandylion.” –Erik Dean


Inzektor Ladybug.” –Colton Straughen


Thunder King Rai-Oh.” –Urich Fulton


Bujinki Amaterasu. It’s beautiful.” –Sarah Lewis


Injection Fairy Lily. I’d pay to win.” –Michael Larsen


Rescue Cat.” –Destin Kaspi


Marshmallon.” –Casey Dean


Scrap Dragon.” –Dustin Saunders


Ultimate Tyranno.” –Jeremiah Nadeau


Dark Magician.” –Jonathan Gomez


Noble Knight Medraut.” –Johnathan Charira