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Saturday’s Dragon Duel Finals: Ankit Sujith versus Toby Schmauder

February 15th, 2015

13-year-old Ankit Sujith is Dueling against 8-year-old Toby Schmauder in the final round of today’s Dragon Duel tournament. Don’t let their young ages fool you – both of these Duelists are experienced players. 8-year-old Toby Schmauder has been Dueling since he was 6 years old, and Ankit Sujith has been Dueling since he was Toby’s age. Although both of these local Duelists will make it to the Top 4, only the first place Duelist will earn the right to Duel in tomorrow’s Dragon Duel Championship. It’s time to Duel!

Duel One


Sujith opened up with Tardy Orc, Miniaturize, Winged Rhinos, Ribbon of Rebirth, and Rush Recklessly. He Summoned Tardy Orc and Set Miniaturize. Next, he equipped his Orc with Ribbon of Rebirth and Set Rush Recklessly before ending his turn.


Ankit Sujith


Schmauder Summoned Slate Warrior. He Set a card to his back row and then ended his turn.


Sujith Summoned Black Stego and then attacked Slate Warrior with his Tardy Orc. Schmauder flipped Blast with Chain to increase his monster’s ATK, but Sujith Chained Miniaturize to weaken Slate Warrior. Tardy Orc destroyed Slate Warrior in battle and Schmauder lost 800 Life Points. Tardy Orc lost 500 ATK as a result of Slate Warrior’s effect. Next, Black Stego attacked directly, dropping Schmauder down to 6000 Life Points.


Schmauder Set 4 cards to his back row and then Set a monster.


Sujith drew Vampire Koala and Summoned it to the field. Black Stego attacked Schmauder’s face-down Gale Lizard. Gale Lizard’s effect returned Tardy Orc to Sujith’s hand and Black Stego destroyed the Lizard in battle. Vampire Koala attacked directly next, and Schmauder activated Pinpoint Guard to Special Summon Slate Warrior from his Graveyard in Defense Position. Slate Warrior couldn’t be destroyed in battle thanks to the effect of Pinpoint Guard.


Schmauder Summoned Rigorous Reaver and then switched his Slate Warrior into Attack Position. He attacked Vampire Koala with Slate Warrior, and Sujith flipped Rush Recklessly to increase his Koala’s ATK by 700. Slate Warrior was destroyed in battle, and Vampire Koala lost 500 ATK due to Slate Warrior’s effect. Next, Rigorous Reaver attacked Black Stego. Black Stego’s effect activated to switch itself into Defense Position, and Schmauder lost 400 Life Points in the battle.


Sujith drew Gorgonic Golem next turn. He Summoned Tardy Orc and attacked Rigorous Reaver with Vampire Koala, not realizing that his Koala was weaker than Rigorous Reaver due to the effect of Slate Warrior. Vampire Koala was destroyed in battle.


Schmauder Summoned Meklord Army of Granel next turn and activated its effect to halve the ATK of Tardy Orc. Granel attacked and destroyed Tardy Orc.


Sujith Summoned Winged Rhinos next turn and attacked Meklord Army of Granel, destroying it in battle and dealing 200 points of damage to Schmauder.


Schmauder Summoned Vanguard of the Dragon next turn. He activated Stamping Destruction after misreading it, and destroyed his own Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr, dealing 500 points of damage to himself. He switched Rigorous Reaver to Defense Position and then ended his turn.


Sujith Summoned Fencing Fire Ferret and attacked Vanguard of the Dragon, destroying both monsters in battle. Then the Ferret’s effect destroyed Rigorous Reaver. Sujith switched his Stego into Attack Position next, forgetting to attack with his Rhinos.


Schmauder Summoned Trident Warrior and passed.


Sujith Summoned Flame Tiger and then attacked Trident Warrior, destroying both monsters in battle. Winged Rhinos attacked next, and Schmauder flipped Curse of Anubis, switching Sujith’s monsters into Defense Position.


Schmauder Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior and placed a Spell Counter on it, increasing its ATK by 300. Next, he attacked Winged Rhinos to destroy it with Breaker.


Sujith drew Evilswarm Thunderbird and Summoned it to the field.


Schmauder Set Airorca and then attacked Evilswarm Thunderbird with Breaker to destroy it.


Sujith drew Butterflyoke and Set it.


Schmauder Flip Summoned Airorca and then Summoned Black Veloci. He ended his turn.


Sujith Summoned Flame Tiger and attacked Airorca to destroy it.


Schmauder Set a card to his back row and then attacked Flame Tiger with Breaker. Sujith flipped Butterflyoke to switch Breaker into Defense Position.


Sujith Summoned Gorgonic Golem and attacked Breaker with Black Stego to destroy it. Next, Flame Tiger attacked Black Veloci, and Black Veloci lost 400 ATK and was destroyed. Gorgonic Golem attacked directly next, dropping Schmauder down to 1800 Life Points.


Schmauder Summoned Gyroid in Attack Position.


Sujith drew Fencing Fire Ferret and then attacked Gyroid with Black Stego. Next, Flame Tiger attacked and destroyed Gyroid. A direct attack from Gorgonic Golem finished Schmauder off!


Gorgonic Tiger Stego


Ankit Sujith wins a back-a-forth Duel to take the first victory.


Duel Two


Schmauder Set 2 cards to his back row and Summoned Magical Exemplar.


Toby Schmauder


Sujith opened up with Flame Tiger, Goblin Elite Attack Force, Bashing Shield, Rush Recklessly, Knight Day Grepher, and Defender, the Magical Knight. He Summoned Flame Tiger and then equipped it with Bashing Shield to increase its ATK by 1000. He Set a card to his back row and then attacked Magical Exemplar with his Tiger to destroy it in battle and deal 1100 points of damage to Schmauder.


Schmauder drew a card and passed.


Sujith Summoned Goblin Elite Attack Force and then attacked directly with Flame Tiger and Goblin Elite Attack Force, dropping Schmauder down to 1900 Life Points. Goblin Elite Attack Force switched into Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase and then Sujith ended his turn.


Schmauder Set a card to his back row and passed.


Sujith Summoned and attacked directly with Black Stego to drop Schmauder down to 700 Life Points. Then Flame Tiger attacked directly, wiping out the rest of Schmauder’s Life Points!


Ankit Sujith takes a speedy win in Duel 2 and finishes Saturday’s Dragon Duel with a perfect 3-0 record! Ankit Sujith has earned the right to compete in tomorrow’s Dragon Duel Championship!