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Top 16 Feature Match: Charlie Finnegan versus Logan Kite

February 1st, 2015

Charlie Finnegan from North Carolina finished the Swiss Rounds with an 8-2 record using his Artifact Tellarknight Deck that we featured in Round 10. Now, he must cast his Deck aside as he Duels against Logan Kite from Tennessee, who went 8-2 with his Burning Abyss Deck. Both Duelists are now using Decks that they drafted from packs of Battle Pack 3: Monster League. Which of these two YCS first-timers will advance to the Top 8 with his drafted Deck? We’re about to find out. It’s time to Duel!

Duel One


Finnegan opened up Duel 1 with Magicians Unite, Swords of Revealing Light, Book of Eclipse, Ancient Gear Knight, and Time Escaper. He Summoned Ancient Gear Knight and then activated Swords of Revealing Light. He Set Book of Eclipse to his back row before ending his turn.


Kite Summoned Chiron the Mage and Finnegan flipped Book of Eclipse to put Chiron face-down. In his End Phase, it flipped face-up and Kite drew a card.




Finnegan drew Frontier Wiseman and Summoned it. He attacked Chiron with his Wiseman to destroy it in battle and then attacked directly with Ancient Gear Knight.


Kite Summoned Lord Poison! He equipped it with Bound Wand and then ended his turn.


Finnegan drew Fighting Spirit. He activated Magicians Unite to try to give strength to his Frontier Wiseman, but his Wiseman’s effect kicked in to negate Magicians Unite. He attacked Lord Poison with his Wiseman in order to destroy his own monster, and then ended his turn.


Kite activated Fusion Sword Murasame Blade to increase the ATK of Lord Poison and then passed his turn, prompting Finnegan’s Swords of Revealing Light to expire.


Finnegan Set Chaos Burst and then ended his turn.


Kite Summoned Bazoo the Soul Eater and then activated its effect by banishing Chiron the Mage from his Graveyard. Bazoo gained 300 ATK and then attacked Ancient Gear Knight. Finnegan discarded Time Escaper from his hand to banish his Ancient Gear Knight until the next Standby Phase and then Bazoo and Lord Poison attacked directly.


Finnegan drew a card and then returned Ancient Gear Knight to his field. He equipped it with Fighting Spirit and then attacked Bazoo to destroy Bazoo in battle.


Kite Summoned Blue Thunder T-45 and equipped it with Fighting Spirit. Next, he equipped Ancient Gear Knight with Cursed Armaments to lower its ATK. Blue Thunder attacked Ancient Gear Knight and Finnegan flipped Chaos Burst! Finnegan Tributed his monster to destroy Blue Thunder and deal 1000 points of damage to Kite. Kite attacked directly with Lord Poison next, dropping Finnegan down to 400 Life Points.


Finnegan drew Mudora next turn and Set it.


Kite Summoned Toon Gemini Elf, and even though it couldn’t attack that turn, Finnegan conceded.


Charlie Finnegan dominates the first Duel!


Duel Two


Finnegan chose for Kite to go first in Duel 2. Kite Summoned Blue Thunder T-45 and Set 2 cards to his back row.




Finnegan opened up with Koa’ki Meiru Wall, Skelesaurus, 2 copies of Ancient Gear Knight, Royal Firestorm Guards, and Spellbook of Wisdom. He Summoned Koa’ki Meiru Wall and then attacked Blue Thunder; but Kite flipped Bark of Dark Ruler! He paid 1500 Life Points to reduce Wall’s ATK to 400, and then Blue Thunder destroyed Wall in battle. Finnegan lost 1300 Life Points and Kite Special Summoned a Thunder Option Token with 1500 ATK in Attack Position. Finnegan Set Spellbook of Wisdom before ending his turn.


Kite Summoned Winged Rhinos next turn and attacked directly with Blue Thunder, Winged Rhinos, and his Thunder Option Token, dropping Finnegan down to 1700 Life Points. Kite activated Swords of Revealing Light before ending his turn.


Blue Thunder Crew


Finnegan drew a card and conceded shortly after, completely overwhelmed by Kite’s field.


Logan Kite is moving on the Top 8!