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Top 16 Feature Match: Elvis Vu versus Kritin Deo

February 16th, 2015

Elvis Vu has showcased experience with the Battle Pack: 3 Monster League at YCS Charleston by claiming 3rd place, and now he is back with vengeance trying to claim the true title. His opponent Kritin Deo is here to stop him though because he wants to take the tournament himself; who will show the superior Battle Pack mastery and move on to the Top 8?

Deo won the roll and decided to go second.

Duel One:

Vu opened with a poor hand and used his re-draw and got a new hand of Koa’ki Meiru Wall, Winged Rhynos, Rhinotaurus, The Warrior Returning Alive, and Ready for Intercepting. He Normal Summoned the Wall, Set both of his back row cards, and revealed Winged Rhynos during the End Phase.

Deo Normal Summoned Leotaur and tried to attack, but Vu activated Ready for Intercepting to Flip the Leotaur face down; Deo ended his turn.

Vu drew Black Veloci, then Normal Summoned Rhinotaurus and attacked over the Set Leotaur before directly with Koa’ki Meiru Wall. He ended his turn after verifying Life Points.

Deo Normal Summoned Mist Valley Falcon, Set a back row, and declared an attack over Rhinotaurus returning his Set card; he Set it face down again before ending.

Vu drew Time Escaper, Normal Summoned Black Veloci, and declared an attack with it over Mist Valley Falcon before attacking directly with Koa’ki Meiru Wall.

Deo Normal Summoned Sunlight Unicorn, used its effect but revealed a Monster on top of his Deck. He tried to attack over Black Veloci but Vu used Time Escaper to save it!

Vu drew Premature Burial for turn, then Normal Summoned Winged Rhynos and declared an attack with Black Veloci but lost out to Inspiritation during the damage step. He used The Warrior Returning Alive in Main Phase 2 to add back Black Veloci, revealing it during the End Phase to Koa’ki Meiru Wall.

Deo drew, used Sunlight Unicorn’s effect to reveal Cestus of Dagla but when he tried to equip it, Vu negated it with Koa’ki Meiru Wall. He then equipped Noble Arms – Caliburn and used its effect to gain some Life Points, attacking over Winged Rhynos and ending.

Vu drew Sacred Crane for turn, Set it and ended.

Deo drew and used Sunlight Unicorn again, revealing Premature Burial and adding it to his hand. He then used the effect of Noble Arms – Caliburn before Normal Summoning Lion Alligator, attacking over the Set Sacred Crane to deal piercing before attacking directly with Sunlight Unicorn.

Vu drew Exploder Dragon for turn, Set it and ended.

Deo drew and used Sunlight Unicorn, revealing Offerings to the Doomed and putting it to the bottom before Normal Summoning Slate Warrior and using Premature Burial to revive Leotaur, and attacking for game through Exploder Dragon!

Deo takes a decisive lead in the early game and rides it finishing off Vu quite impressively. Can Vu win the back two or will his tournament end this next Duel?

Vu chose for Deo to go first.

Duel Two:

Deo drew, Set two to his back row and Set a Monster before ending.

Vu opened with a hand of Ready for Intercepting, Quantum Cat, Lord Poison, Destructotron, and Cross-Sword Beetle before drawing Exploder Dragon. He tried to Normal Summon Destructotron but lost out to Offerings to the Doomed. He Set his two traps before ending.

Deo drew for turn game loss and shuffled his hand, but realized that he was supposed to skip his Draw Phase because of Offerings to the Doomed! Sometimes things get crazy in the heat of a Duel, so unfortunately for Deo his misstep warranted a penalty. He received a game lose and they shuffled up for game three.

Deo chose to go second.

Duel Three:

Deo used his re-draw before the game started, sending his hand back for a fresh five.

Vu opened with a hand of Enraged Battle Ox, Earthquake, Exploder Dragon, Winged Rhynos, and Destructotron; he Set Exploder Dragon before ending.

Deo drew and Normal Summoned Leotaur, declaring an attack but losing out to Exploder Dragon. He Set three to his back row before ending.

Vu drew and Call of the Atlanteans, Normal Summoned Destructotron and went to work destroying all three of Deo’s Set back row at the cost of 3000 Life Points; he Set Earthquake along with Call of the Atlanteans before ending, putting his Destructotron into the Graveyard because it was destroyed by its own effect.

Deo drew, activated Premature Burial, and revived Leotaur attacking directly. He Set a back row before ending.

Vu drew Butterspy Protection, Flipped his Set Earthquake, and then attacked over the now Defense Mode Leotaur with Enraged Battle Ox. He Set the Butterspy Protection before ending.

Deo drew, Flip Summoned Slate Warrior and boosted its ATK, then Normal Summoned Vylon Ohm used its effect on Premature Burial, but when he tried to attack he lost out to Butterspy Protection.

Vu drew Winged Rhynos, Normal Summoned it, and declared an attack over Enraged Battle Ox with the Slate Warrior. He ended his turn after.

Deo drew, Set a card, and ended his turn.

Vu drew Premature Burial for turn, Normal Summoned Destructotron and tried to use its effect but Deo Flipped his Set Kunai with Chain to boost his Vylon Ohm. He then used Premature Burial to bring back Exploder Dragon, attacking into Vylon Ohm and destroying it with its effect. He then attacked directly with both Enraged Battle Ox and Destructotron before ending.

Deo drew and activated Premature Burial, reviving Leotaur, then he attacked into Vu’s Enraged Battle Ox and used Ghost from the Past during Damage Step to steal the game and the match!


After a game loss penalty in the second Duel along with a huge loss in advantage because of Destructotron in the third, Kritin Deo manages to fight through it all and move on to the Top 8!