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Top 8 Feature Match: Bradley Philip versus Luka Soskic

February 16th, 2015

Both Duelists shuffled up quickly, it was clear that they were eager to Duel and see who would advance. We featured Luka Soskic earlier on Day One, but we have yet to do one for Bradly Philip. Both made it through the Swiss rounds with Nekroz and Qliphort respectively, and now they are trying to make their way to the Top 4 in hopes of winning an Ascension Sky Dragon.

Both Duelists rolled snake eyes, but after a re-roll Soskic won and chose for Philip to go first.

Duel One:

Philip opened with a hand of Tree Otter, Mind Over Matter, Card Advance, Creature Swap, and Gale Lizard. He activated Card Advance, taking a peep at his top five and rearranging it so that The Immortal Bushi was placed to the top. He Normal Summoned Gale Lizard and Set Mind Over Matter before ending.

Soskic Normal Summoned Stygian Street Patrol, prompting Philip to use Mind Over Matter, tributing his Gale Lizard to negate its Summon. Soskic gave him the go ahead after deciding not to do anything else.

Philip drew and Normal Summoned the stacked The Immortal Bushi, and attacked directly before ending.

Soskic Normal Summoned Skelesaurus, then activated Pyramid of Wonders. He declared an attack with the now 1900 ATK Skelesaurus over The Immortal Bushi, then Set a back row before ending.

Philip drew another copy of Mind Over Matter, then Special Summoned The Immortal Bushi in Attack Mode. He Normal Summoned Tree Otter, using its effect to pump The Immortal Bushi, but when he attacked Soskic had Poseidon Wave to negate the attack. Philip Set Mind Over Matter and ended.

Soskic drew and chose to Gemini Summon Skelesaurus, but Philip negated it with Mind Over Matter tributing his The Immortal Bushi! Soskic pressed through, banishing his Stygian Street Patrol to Special Summon Metabo Shark, then declared an attack with the Shark over Tree Otter. He Set two to his back row before ending his turn.

Philip drew Dragon’s Gunfire for turn, then Special Summoned The Immortal Bushi before using Dragon’s Gunfire to destroy Metabo Shark so that he could swing in for 1200 with Bushi.

Soskic drew and passed without any actions.

Philip drew Spellbook of Wisdom for turn, then declared a direct attack with The Immortal Bushi. He Set the Spellbook and ended his turn.

Soskic drew and Normal Summoned Flame Tiger, attacking over The Immortal Bushi.

Philip drew Magicians Unite and brought back The Immortal Bushi, then used Creature Swap to switch it for Soskic’s Flame Tiger. He attacked over the now opposing Bushi with the Tiger and ended shortly after some consideration.

Soskic drew and passed once again.

Philip drew Defender, the Magical Knight and placed a counter onto it and then activated Magicians Unite targeting his Defender! He moved to Battle Phase, then declared a direct attack with the Magical Knight but Soskic used Poseidon Wave to block the attack. The Duel stood at Philip’s 4900 Life Points to Soskic’s 4000.

Soskic drew and snapped down Mark of the Rose targeting Defender, the Magical Knight, prompting Philip to use Spellbook of Wisdom on the Defender to ensure its safety. Soskic then Normal Summoned Koa’ki Meiru Drago, using it to attack over Defender which removed its Spell Counter; during the End Phase Soskic had no Monster to reveal for Drago and it destroyed itself.

Philip drew, Normal Summoned Hyper Hammerhead, and attacked for game!

After a game that did not seem like it would end in his favor, Philip manages to eek out a win thanks to Card Advance allowing to plan out his following turns. Can Soskic fight back or will Philip manage the 2-0?

Soskic chose to go second.

Duel Two:

Philip opened up with a hand of Blast with Chain, One-Shot Wand, Black Stego, Mind Over Matter, and Seed of Flame. He Normal Summoned Seed of Flame and Set his two traps before ending.

Soskic drew and Normal Summoned Jerry Beans Man, but when he tried to attack Philip used Blast with Chain during damage step to sway the battle in his favor. Soskic ended his turn without any further action.

Philip drew Goblin Elite Attack Force for turn, then Normal Summoned Black Stego and equipped it with One-Shot Wand. He declared a direct attack with Black Stego, “Look at me, I’m a beefy Dinosaur.” Soskic was a little less pleased with the situation, and used No Entry!! to stop the attacks.

Soskic Normal Summoned Vampire Koala, which Philip responded to with Mind Over Matter, tributing Seed of Flame, to negate the Summon. Soskic Set a card to his back row before ending.

Philip drew Forbidden Dress for turn, then Normal Summoned Goblin Elite Attack Force. He declared an attack with Black Stego, then used One-Shot Wand to destroy itself so he could draw a card, another copy of Black Stego, before swinging directly with Goblin Elite Attack Force; he Set Forbidden Dress before ending.

Soskic drew to four in hand and gave Goblin Elite Attack Force a read before Normal Summoning Flame Tiger; he equipped it with Psychic Sword, swinging over Black Stego and ending.

Philip drew Card Advance and used it to rearrange his top five, shifting Psychokinese, Noble Arms – Caliburn, The Immortal Bushi, Lord Poison, and Jain, Lightsworn Paladin to the top in that order. He ended his turn shortly after.

Soskic drew and Normal Summoned X-Saber Airbellum, declaring an attack with Flame Tiger over Goblin Elite Attack Force and directly with X-Saber Airbellum stripping Philip of Black Stego from his hand.

Philip drew Psychokineses, and Set it not being able to do anything else.

Soskic drew and Normal Summoned Winged Rhynos which was enough for Philip to concede!

Taking an impressive lead in the early game, Soskic manages to control the momentum and take a firm win over Philip. Who will make it into Top 4?

Duel Three:

Philip opened with a hand of Hyper Hammerhead, Breakthrough Skill, Forbidden Dress, Dimension Gate, and Koa’ki Meiru Sandman. He Set all of his spells and traps before Normal Summoning Koa’ki Meiru Sandman and revealing Hyper Hammerhead during the End Phase.

Soskic drew and Normal Summoned Black Brachios, trying to use its effect on Koa’ki Meiru Sandman which prompted Philip to Chain Breakthrough Skill. He then activated Bound Wand, and tried to attack over Koa’ki Meiru Sandman but Philip used Forbidden Dress to win the battle. Soskic used Bound Wand to Special Summon the Black Brachios back, he Set two to his back row before ending.

Philip drew Mind Over Matter, attacked over Black Brachios before Setting the Trap and ending.

Soskic drew to three cards, and time was called, making him turn 0 out of 3. He then thought for a moment before Normal Summoning Stygian Street Patrol, and attempted to declare an attack on Stygian Street Patrol which Philip responded to with Dimension Gate, trying banishing his Koa’ki Meiru Sandman, but Soskic Chained Typhoon to stop it, but Philip negated the Typhoon with Koa’ki Meiru Sandman’s effect. The Stygian Street Patrol ended up dealing direct damage, putting Philip to 6400 Life Points while Soskic remained at 7700 Life Points.

Soskic drew and Normal Summoned Diskblade Rider, banishing Breakthrough Skill from his Graveyard to pump its ATK. He then declared an attack on the Stygian Street Patrol, dealing 600 and putting Soskic to 7100.

Soskic drew, banished Stygian Street Patrol and Special Summoned Golden Flying Fish from his hand, then Normal Summoned Skelesaurus. He activated his Set Metalmorph on his Skelesaurus. He attacked over the Diskblade Rider, and after both swings and Philip seeing his next draw, he realized that he could not win in time!

Soskic pulls out a close when in time, advancing to the Top 4 and potentially an Ascension Sky Dragon!