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Top 8 Feature Match: Michael Hairston versus Azad Deihim

February 1st, 2015

We watched Michael Hairston narrowly defeat Jonathon Nagel last Round in sudden death, and now his opponent is Azad Deihim. Can we see a repeat success or will Hairston’s tournament end here?

Hairston wins the roll and chooses to go first.

Duel One:

Hairston opened with a hand containing Wattjustment, Black Stego, Super Rush Recklessly, Gorgonic Guardian, and Quantum Cat. He Set the two traps along with Black Stego before ending.

Deihim Normal Summoned Telekinetic Shocker and then activated Pyramid of Wonders. He declared an attack with the 1900 ATK Psychic, but ran into the 2000 DEF of the Set Black Stego. He Set a back row and ended his turn.

Hairston drew Fusion Sword Murasame Blade, and chose to Normal Summon Gorgonic Guardian. He then equipped it to the Gorgonic Golem, then followed it up with a Wattjustment boosting it all the way to 2800 ATK! He declared an attack on the Telekinetic Shocker, but Deihim had Curse of Anubis to shift everything to Defense Position. With no cards left in hand, Hairston passed it back.


Deihim drew to fourcards in hand, then Normal Summoned Leotaur. He declared an attack with it on the Defense Mode Gorgonic Guardian, but Hairston responded with Super Rush Recklessly targeting his Black Stego along with the attacking Leotaur. After some clarification, Deihim revealed that he had Forbidden Dress to stop it from being destroyed! The Leotaur attack successfully went through, destroying the Gorgonic Guardian. In Main Phase 2, Deihim overlayed his two Monsters for Diamond Dire Wolf! He ended after there was a round of exclamation.

Hairston drew Bound Wand, Set it, and ended.

Deihim drew for turn and declared an attack with Diamond Dire Wolf over the Black Stego. He thought for a moment but then ended his turn.

Hairston drew and Normal Summoned Reptilianne Gorgon! He equipped it with Bound Wand, then declared an attack with the Monster on the opposing Diamond Dire Wolf, causing him to lose his Monster but have the Xyz’s ATK be changed to 0. The Bound Wand brought back the Gorgon, which then ran over the Diamond Dire Wolf to put Deihim at 6500 Life Points to Hairston’s 7500.

Deihim drew, then activated Book of Life to banish Hairston’s Gorgon Golem from his Graveyard so that he could Special Summon his Diamond Dire Wolf; he decided to attack with the Wolf over the Relptilianne Gorgon. In Main Phase 2 he activated Closed Forest, then ended his turn.

Hairston drew Winged Rhynos, thought for a moment about playing it, but chose to end his turn and keep it in his hand.

Deihim Normal Summoned Leotaur, clarified that it was at 1700 ATK, but when he tried to attack Hairston who Flipped Quantum Cat to block the attack. The Diamond Dire Wolf was still large enough to destroy the Cat though, and once it did Deihim ended.

Hairston drew Rush Recklessly, Set it and Normal Summoned his Winged Rhynos before ending.

Deihim activated Machine Assembly Line. He declared an attack with the Leotaur, which prompted Hairston to use his Rush Recklessly to save the Winged Rhynos dropping Deihim down to 6400. He ended his turn shortly after.


Hairston drew Defender, the Magical Knight and Set it before switching his Winged Rhynos to Defense Position.

Deihim drew and activated Recycling Batteries! He added back two copies of Leotaur and Summoned one of them, declaring an attack with Leotaur over the Winged Rhynos and then the Diamond Dire Wolf over the Defender, the Magical Knight.

Hairston drew Tutan Mask, Set it and ended.

Deihim Normal Summoned Leotaur prompting Hairston to concede on the spot knowing that he wouldn’t be able to win.

After a tense first game both Duelists gave a quick look through their Side Deck to see if they should make any changes, but both seemed content so after some rigorous shuffling both Decks were presented.

Hairston chose for Deihim to go first.

Duel Two:

Deihim immediately passed his first turn.

Hairston opened with a hand of Leotaur, Forgotten Temple of the Deep, Mudora, Rush Recklessly, and The Warrior Returning Alive. He drew Spined Gillman for turn, Normal Summoned it, and attacked directly for 1700. He Set both of his back row before ending.

Deihim drew and Normal Summoned Metabo Shark, then activated Banner of Courage. He declared an attack with the Shark on Hairston’s Spined Gillman, which Hairston responded to with Forgotten Temple of the Deep to banish the Gillman and save it. That caused a replay to occur, and Deihim seized the opportunity to deal 2000 points directly. He Set a back row before ending.

Hairston drew X-Saber Airbellum for turn. He Normal Summoned Leotaur, then attacked into Metabo Shark with the Leotaur, but during damage Deihim had Forbidden Lance to win the battle! Hairston moved to End Phase shortly after, bringing back his Spined Gillman in Attack Mode.

Deihim drew, Normal Summoned Magical Exemplar, then equipped One-Shot Wand to Metabo Shark. He moved to Battle Phase and declared an attack on Spined Gillman with the 2800 ATK Metabo Shark, then sent the One-Shot Wand to the Graveyard to draw a card. After a direct attack from Exemplar for 1900, Hairston dropped down 2600 Life Points. After a bunch of clarification on that number, Deihim Set a card to his back row before ending his turn.

Hairston drew Defender, the Magical Knight and seemed limited on options with a hand dense with Monsters. He activated The Warrrior Returning Alive to add Leotaur back to his hand, then declared an attack over Magical Exemplar before ending.

Deihim drew to three cards in hand. He activated Mark of the Rose, banishing the Magical Exemplar from his Graveyard, to steal the opposing Leotaur and attack for game!


After passing his first turn Deihim manages to seize full control of the game and put Hairston on the ropes early on! Deihim is moving on to Top 4!