Top Tables Update: Round 7

February 1st, 2015

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the Top 10 tables in Round 7!

Table 1: Sohrab Pasikhani (Volcanics) versus Richard Cherry (Qliphorts)

Table 2: Alexander Decolator (Qliphorts) versus James Morton (Burning Abyss)

Table 3: Jose Figueroa (Qliphorts) versus Matthew Chasteen (Burning Abyss)

Table 4: Phillip Pena (Qliphorts) versus Brandon Rainey (Qliphorts)

Table 5: Melvin Torres (Burning Abyss) versus Travis Smith (Burning Abyss)

Table 6: Jonathan Barber (Burning Abyss) versus Gaetan Georges (Shaddoll Artifacts)

Table 7: Kiefer Dowell (Tellarknights) versus Brian Guerrero (Burning Abyss)

Table 8: Hansel Aguero (Qliphorts) versus Jake Quinsee (Qliphorts)

Table 9: Nicolas Reardon (Burning Abyss) versus Joel Adams (Shaddolls)

Table 10: Michael Keller (Burning Abyss) versus Zachariah Perkins (Qliphorts)