YCS Tacoma First-Timers!

February 14th, 2015

While there are a lot of experienced Duelists on the tournament floor, not everyone has attended a YCS event prior to this. I went around the room to interview some of these fresh faces to see how they felt about the event.


12-year-old Garrett Price has ventured from Redmond, Washington for the tournament this weekend. He thinks the event is pretty cool thus far; he has been to a Regional Qualifier but he is really enjoying how much bigger this is. His Deck of choice for the weekend is Tellarknight and his favorite card is Kuriboh!


17-year-old Tanner Wheeler has come down from his home town of Issaquah, Washington to enjoy the event. He is a fan of how big the tournament is, as well as the friendly crowd and the awesome vendors. He has chosen to go with Yang Zing for the weekend, and his favorite card is none other than Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing.


15-year-old Owen Cloyd has trekked from Salem, Oregon to experience his first YCS event. He has only been to a Regional Qualifier before but is excited about how much larger this event is. He is piloting a Tellarknight Deck this weekend, and although his favorite card is Cloudian Smokeball he is also quite fond of Inzektor Hornet.


14-year-old Alexander Sripranaratanakul is a local Duelist from Tacoma, Washington and is excited to be playing a YCS event in his hometown. With this excitement comes a bit of nervousness though, but Alexander thinks he is going to have a great time. He is Dueling with Gravekeeper this weekend and as a true Marik fan his favorite card is The Winged Dragon of Ra!


19-year-old Storm Camplin is part of a group of players who have come down from British Columbia to play this weekend. He loves the venue and is excited because he thinks it is going to be pretty fun. He would also like to give a shout out to the judges for being super helpful! He is Dueling with Qliphort for this tournament, but his favorite card is Swap Frog.


19-year-old Connor Sharpe is from the same group as Storm Camplin, venturing down from British Columbia to Duel in the States for the weekend. He is really stoked about the venue, and hopes that his Tellarknight Deck can take him all the way. Like a true Chazz Princeton fan, his favorite card is Ojama Yellow.


18-year-old Isaac Thibodeau is also from the group of British Columbia Duelists down here for the weekend and is excited about how big the event is. He is Dueling with Qliphort but his favorite card is his boy, Bujin Yamato!