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Dragon Duel Day 1: Jackson Sayre Versus Zachary Taylor

April 12th, 2015

We’re in the final round of Dragon Duels for Day 1 of YCS Chicago! We’ve got Zachary Taylor here up against Jackson Sayre! Does that name seem familiar? It might be because we just saw his dad defeat Billy Brake in Round 1! The winner of this Duel will get to come back tomorrow to face Sunday’s Dragon Duel winner for the title of YCS Chicago Dragon Duel Champion!

Dragon Duels are now a Sealed event, using Battle Pack 3: Monster League rules. In Sealed Play, you open up Booster Packs and build your Deck directly from those cards. And since it’s Battle Pack 3, we’ll be playing under the Monster League rule – all monsters are treated as all Types, at all times. That makes for some very cool card interactions. Let’s see how our top Dragon Duelists fare under these conditions!

Duel 1

Taylor began with Card Guard and a back row card.

Sayre’s opening hand was Vylon Ohm, Koa’ki Meiru Beetle, Mark of the Rose, Flame Tiger, Meklord Army of Granel, and Silent Psychic Wizard. He Set Vylon Ohm.

Taylor played Blue Thunder T-45! He attacked with it and used Plant Food Chain on it, easily winning the battle. He Special Summoned a Thunder Option Token, which attacked directly. Card Guard attacked as well, leaving Sayre with 4600 Life Points.

Sayre drew Madolche Baaple. He used Mark of the Rose, stealing Blue Thunder T-45! It attacked the Thunder Option Token, and Sayre got a token of his own in Defense Position! In Main Phase 2, he Normal Summoned Baaple, and it turned itself and Card Guard to Defense Position.

Taylor took back his Blue Thunder T-45. He moved the Guard Counter from Card Guard to Blue Thunder T-45. He thought about that for a moment, and decided he didn’t want to let Mark of the Rose keep giving his monster back. He Normal Summoned Leotaur, and using all of his monsters, Xyz Summoned Heroic Champion – Kusanagi! Kusanagi took down Baaple in battle.

Sayre drew Card Trooper. He Set Meklord Army of Granel.

Taylor sent Kusanagi to destroy the Set Meklord Army of Granel.

Sayre drew Forbidden Lance, and played Card Trooper. He sent Gentlemander, Closed Forest, and Plant Food Chain to the Graveyard to power up Trooper, then used Forbidden Lance to help it destroy Kusanagi!

Taylor played Airorca, destroying Card Trooper in battle. That let Sayre draw Psychic Reactor.

Sayre drew Ghostrick Jackfrost for his turn. He played Silent Psychic Wizard, banishing Card Trooper with its effect. He switched his Thunder Option Token to Attack Position. His Wizard destroyed Airorca in battle, then he attacked with the token.

Taylor used Swords of Concealing Light, and Seed of Flame destroyed Wizard in battle. Trooper came back in Defense Position.

Sayre drew Forbidden Chalice. He used Trooper to put Skill Successor in the Graveyard, then played Koa’ki Meiru Beetle. Beetle destroyed Seed of Flame in battle, then Sayre Set Forbidden Chalice. In the End Phase, he revealed Jackfrost for Beetle.

Taylor Set a monster and a back row card.

Sayre drew Breakthrough Skill, and Normal Summoned Flame Tiger. Tiger destroyed Gauntlet Warrior in battle, Taylor used Swamp Mirrorer, and Sayre attacked it with Beetle. Taylor used Mask of Weakness to try to win the battle, and Sayre used Psychic Reactor to banish Swamp Mirrorer!

Taylor played Tree Otter to take out Trooper, and Sayre drew Psychic Overload with Trooper’s effect.

Sayre drew Call of the Atlanteans. He Set it and Psychic Overload, then attacked directly with Flame Tiger.

Taylor’s Swords of Concealing Light destroyed itself. He Set a back row card and a monster.

Sayre drew Evil HERO Infernal Gainer, overload put back Wizard, Baaple, and Trooper, then he drew Trooper and Lion Alligator. He Normal Summoned Lion Alligator and put his Thunder Option Token to Attack Position. Flame Tiger attacked, destroying the Set Herald of Purple Light, and dealing 1300 piercing damage thanks to Lion Alligator. Lion Alligator attacked, and Taylor used Ready for Intercepting to turn it face-down. The Thunder Option Token attacked directly.

Taylor had no cards but the one he just drew… he played Toon Gemini Elf with a smile.

Sayre drew Genex Ally Bellflame. He played Infernal Gainer and used its effect to let Flame Tiger attack twice, then used Forbidden Chalice to power up its ATK! It attacked over Toon Gemini Elf, and ended the first Duel!

Duel 2

Taylor started with Wind-Up Juggler and three Set cards.

Sayre started with Vampire Koala, Madolche Baaple, Closed Forest, Forbidden Chalice, Forbidden Lance, and Silent Psychic Wizard. Vampire Koala came down and attacked. Taylor used Rare Metalmorph, and Sayre responded by Chaining Forbidden Lance on Wind-Up Juggler. Vampire Koala won the battle, increasing Sayre’s Life Points, and Wind-Up Juggler destroyed Vampire Koala. Sayre Set Forbidden Chalice.

Taylor played Jurrac Protops and attacked directly.

Sayre drew Berserk Gorilla. He played Silent Psychic Wizard, banishing Vampire Koala, and Wizard was turned face-down by Ready for Intercepting.

Taylor played Tree Otter and used its effect on itself. He attacked Wizard with Protops, and Wizard brought Vampire Koala back to the field. Tree Otter attacked, but Sayre’s Forbidden Chalice negated its effect and let Vampire Koala win the battle!

Sayre drew Breakthrough Skill. He played Berserk Gorilla and Closed Forest. Gorilla attacked Protops, and Taylor used Dimension Gate to banish it, then return it in Defense Position. Vampire Koala attacked, and the Life Points was 5000 to 7400, Taylor leading. Sayre Set Breakthrough Skill.

Taylor Set a monster.

Sayre drew Skill Successor and Set it. Berserk Gorilla destroyed Shocktopus, which equipped to it. Vampire Koala attacked directly.

Taylor Normal Summoned Battlestorm, and it wiped out Berserk Gorilla.

Sayre drew a second Madolche Baaple. Vampire Koala destroyed Battlestorm.

Taylor Set a monster.

Sayre drew Lion Alligator and Summoned it! Vampire Koala attacked, dealing piercing damage through Gauntlet Warrior. Lion Alligator attacked directly.

Taylor Set a card to each zone.

Sayre drew Raigeki Bottle. Vampire Koala attacked, and Taylor used Butterspy Protection to put it in Defense Position. Lion Alligator destroyed the Set Destructotron. Taylor drew his last card, and had nothing to play!

Jackson Sayre is your Saturday Dragon Duel Champion!