Dragon Duel Winners: Day 1

April 19th, 2015

There were 12 children in the Dragon Duel yesterday, congratulations to the Top 4 of the Saturday Dragon Duel event!

DD Winners Day1

Saturday’s Dragon Duel Top 4


1st Place 
Owen, Lopez Garcia
From Colombia
Been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for 3 years
Loves the spirit and strategy of the game
Deck played with Noble Knights
“The best thing about my Deck are the Xyz cards”

2nd Place
Alexandro Angelo, Gravini Escorcia
From Colombia
Deck played UA (United Atheletes)
He loves the effects from his cards the best
Been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for 4 years
He loves that Yu-Gi-Oh! is so entertaining

3rd Place
Oscar David, Aguirre Duran
From Colombia
He has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for 1 year
Deck played with Infernoid
I like that my Deck is simple to use
The best card in my Deck infrnoid ounce

4th Place
Gabriel, Leyva Acevedo
Has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for a year and a half
My dad taught me how to play Yu-Gi-Oh!
The best thing about Yu-Gi-Oh! is using my memory
My favorite card is Secret Barrel