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Introduction to YCS Chicago!

April 11th, 2015

Duelists from around the globe have gathered in the Windy City this weekend to take the latest YCS by storm! The April 1st Forbidden & Limited List is now in effect and Duelists everywhere have adjusted their Decks to conform to it.


It's Time to Duel


Five classic Forbidden Cards – Sinister Serpent, Crush Card Virus, Exchange of the Spirit, Ring of Destruction, and Temple of the Kings – have all been given an overhaul to their effects and are legal to play in the Advanced Format for the first time in years. Will their new effects be as influential on Duels as their old effects? Will Duelists take advantage of the opportunity to use these cards once again? We’ll find out the answers to these questions throughout the weekend, as the tournament progresses.


Other changes to the Forbidden & Limited List effective on April 1st are also sure to make a huge impact this weekend. Limitations placed on Tour Guide From the Underworld, Preparation of Rites, Nekroz of Brionac, Saqlifice, and Qliphort Scout have restricted the power of some of the most popular Decks, including Burning Abyss Decks, Nekroz Decks, and Qliphort Decks. Other alterations, including the limitation placed on Vanity’s Emptiness and the change in Snatch Steal’s status to Forbidden are certain to affect Duelists’ Deck construction.


Finally, new cards in Premium Gold: Return of the Bling (released on March 20th) including a flock of awesome new Blacking monsters, a new HERO monster, and several new Number monsters, will be legal for use this weekend in the first North American YCS since their release. These cards, combined with changes made to the recent Forbidden & Limited List, are certain to shake up the tournament scene.


1340 Duelists are about to begin their Duels, prepared for the first YCS of the new Advanced Format. It’s almost time to Duel!