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Sunday Dragon Duel Final: Zach Taylor Versus Michael Sakowicz

April 13th, 2015

For the final round of Sunday’s Dragon Duel’s, we’re featuring some familiar faces! We saw 11-year-old Zach Taylor, from Aurora, IL, in yesterday’s feature where he faced off against Jackson Sayre. He’s made it back to the Feature Table today, looking to win it this time. He’s facing 13-year-old Michael Sakowicz, from Naperville, IL. The Duelists will be facing off with their Sealed Decks, and the winner will move on to face Jackson Sayre in the final Dragon Duel playoff!

Duel 1

Taylor began with a hand of Ready for Intercepting, Gauntlet Warrior, Memory Loss, Evilswarm O’lantern, and Shocktopus. He Set his Trap Cards and Shocktopus.

Sakowicz played Golden Flying Fish. It attacked, and Shocktopus equipped to it. Sakowicz Set three back row cards.

Taylor drew Fusion Sword Murasame Blade. He played Evilswarm O’lantern and equipped it with Fusion Sword, but its attack was blocked by Windstorm of Etaqua.

Sakowicz played Uminotaurus. It attacked O’lantern, but was blocked by Ready for Intercepting. In Main Phase 2 he turned Golden Flying Fish to Defense Position.


Taylor drew Magical Undertaker. He put O’lantern to Attack Position and swung at Golden Flying Fish, but Curse of Anubis turned it back to Defense Position.

Sakowicz Flip Summoned Uminotaurus, then played Sunlight Unicorn. It activated its effect, and Taylor used Memory Loss on it. Uminotaurus attacked O’lantern, dealing 450 piercing damage. In Main Phase 2, Sakowicz used his three monsters to Xyz Summon Heroic Champion – Kusanagi!

Taylor drew Dodger Dragon. He Set Undertaker.

Sakowicz played Mudora. It attacked Undertaker, which revived Shocktopus. Kusanagi didn’t attack, and Sakowicz Set a back row card.

Taylor drew Scapegoat. He played Dodger Dragon and destroyed Mudora in battle, then Set Scapegoat.

Sakowicz used Swords of Concealing Light, and Kusanagi took out Dodger Dragon.

Taylor drew Shutendoji. He passed.

Sakowicz played Black Brachios. It attacked Shocktopus, and was equipped with it. Kusanagi attacked, and Taylor blocked with Scapegoat. Kusanagi took out one token.

Taylor drew Mask of Weakness. He played Shutendoji and used its effect to draw Dimension Gate. Shutendoji attacked Brachios, and Sakowicz flipped Damage Gate! He returned Mudora to the field.

Sakowicz equipped Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr to his opponent’s Shutendoji, then decreased its ATK to destroy Dimension Gate! Mudora took out Shutendoji, and Kusanagi destroyed a Sheep Token.

Taylor drew Psi-Station and Set it.

Sakowicz sent Mudora and Kusanagi to finish the remaining Sheep Tokens. He Set a back row card.

Taylor drew Swamp Mirrorer. He Set it and Normal Summoned Gauntlet Warrior.

Sakowicz attacked with Kusanagi. Taylor played Swamp Mirrorer, and Kusanagi negated it. Kusanagi’s attack continued, wiping out Gauntlet Warrior. Mudora attacked next, dropping Taylor to 3050 Life Points. Sakowicz still had 6100. He Set a card to his back row.

Taylor drew Damage Gate. He Set it.

Mudora attacked. Taylor used Mask of Weakness on Mudora, and Sakowicz allowed it. When Mudora hit, Taylor used Damage Gate, and Kusanagi negated that as well, sealing the Duel for Sakowicz!

Sakowicz takes absolute control after Summoning Heroic Champion – Kusanagi! Can Taylor make a comeback, or is Sakowicz about to head into the Dragon Duel playoff?

Duel 2

Taylor started the second Duel with a hand of Ayers Rock Sunrise, Rare Metalmorph, Forbidden Scripture, Gauntlet Warrior, and Jurrac Protops. He used his re-draw, getting a new hand of Telekinetic Shocker, Magical Undertaker, Chow Len the Prophet, Psi-Station, and Nordic Relic Laevateinn. He played Psi-Station and Chow Len, using Psi-Station to power it up. He Set Laevateinn.

Sakowicz blew away Chow Len with Dragon’s Gunfire, then played Ancient Gear Knight. He attacked directly, then Set a back row card.

more like dragon's funfire

Taylor drew Blue Thunder T-45! He played it and supercharged it with Psi-Station. He attacked Ancient Gear Knight, but Sakowicz flipped Kunai with Chain in the Damage Step to win the battle! Taylor retaliated with Nordic Relic Laevateinn, taking out Ancient Gear Knight.

Sakowicz played Black Brachios and attacked directly. He Set a back row card.

Taylor drew Scapegoat. He Set it along with Magical Undertaker.

Sakowicz played Victory Viper XX03! Victory Viper took out Undertaker, which revived Chow Len. Sakowicz had Victory Viper’s effect blow away Psi-Station. Black Brachios collided with Chow Len, destroying both monsters.

Taylor drew Battlestorm! It attacked Victory Viper, but was hit by Miniaturize! Taylor had only 2800 Life Points left. Victory Viper Special Summoned an Option Token, which will mirror Victory Viper’s stats.

Sakowicz played Gyroid. He attacked directly, and Taylor blocked with Scapegoat. Gyroid destroyed a Sheep Token, then Victory Viper destroyed another. Its effect created another Option Token, and both Option Tokens took out Taylor’s remaining Sheep Tokens. Sakowicz Set a card to his back row.

Taylor drew Swamp Mirrorer and Set it. He played Telekinetic Shocker, and it destroyed Victory Viper! With its destruction, the Option Tokens were destroyed too!

Sakowicz used The Warrior Returning Alive to get back his Black Brachios, and sent it to take out Telekinetic Shocker. Gyroid attacked directly, but was blocked by Swamp Mirrorer. Sakowicz Set a card to his back row.

Taylor drew Ready for Intercepting. He had Swamp Mirrorer attack Gyroid, which survived with its effect, but took 800 battle damage.

Sakowicz attacked with Brachios, but Ready for Intercepting turned it face-down. Sakowicz Set a monster and a back row card.

Taylor drew Fusion Sword Murasame Blade! He equipped it to Swamp Mirrorer and attacked Gyroid for 1600 damage. Sakowicz had 5100 Life Points remaining.

Sakowicz flipped up Black Brachios and Electromagnetic Bagworm! He stole Swamp Mirrorer, and Taylor had nothing left to defend with!

Michael Sakowicz is your Sunday Dragon Duel Champion! Now, he’s going to face Jackson Sayre for the final playoff Duel!