Top 16 Decks

April 19th, 2015

Here is a quick analysis of what Decks helped their Duelist make it to the Top 16 Draft and the breakdown of Deck Types!

Jose Anthony Bren Osores from Miami, USA – Playing Nekroz

Barrett Arthur Keys from Los Angeles, USA – Playing Nekroz

Andres Antonio Suaza Nino from Bogotá, Colombia – Playing Shaddoll

Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia Soza from La Correrra, Panamá – Playing Nekroz

Jose Lagunes Maitret from Veracruz, Mexico – Playing Nekroz

Erick Esteban Bernal Ospina from Bogotá, Colombia – Playing Nekroz

Arnold Nadaban Zanabria from Arequipe, Peru – Playing Shaddoll

Carlos Andres Herrera Buendia from Cartagena, Colombia – Playing Volcanic

Daniel Silva Cardona from Cali, Colombia – Playing Qliphort

Jose Sepulveda Soler from Bogotá, Colombia – Playing Nekroz

Tahmid Alvi Zaman from New York, USA – Playing Nekroz

Wilfredo Inquil Moyna from Lima, Peru – Playing Nekroz

Miguel Emilio Vargas Moncayo from Guayaquil, Ecuador – Playing Nekroz

Ankit L. Shah from New York, USA – Playing Nekroz

Sebastian Millan Chaux from Medellin, Colombia – Playing Tellarknight

David Gonzales Parra from Pereira, Colombia – Playing Burning Abyss



Deck Breakdown:

10 Nekroz Decks

2 Shaddoll Decks

1 Tellarknight Decks

1 Burning Abyss Decks

1 Qliphort Decks

1 Volcanic Deck