Top 16 Duelists!

April 12th, 2015

Here are the Duelists moving on to the Draft portion of the tournament.

Aaron Furman (Nekroz)
Ryne Hanson (Satellarknight)
Dirk Wagner (Nekroz)
Donnell Washington (Nekroz)
Barrett Keys (Nekroz)
Denny Yu (Nekroz)
Jordan Bermudez (Shaddoll)
Patrick Hoban (Nekroz)
Diego Haltom (Satellarknight)
Steven De Lara (Nekroz)
Kevin Malone (Satellarknight)
Tairone Stutson (Qliphort)
Elvis Vu (Nekroz)
Cameron Neal (Nekroz)
Sehabi Kheireddine (Nekroz)
Jayesh Madani (Nekroz)

That leaves the Top 16 with:

11 Nekroz
3 Satellarknight
1 Shaddoll
1 Qliphort

Nekroz have proven to still be the dominant force after the April 1st Forbidden & Limited List. Satellarknights have really stepped up their game, really outshining their past competitors like Shaddolls, Qliphorts, and Burning Abyss, enough to be the second most represented Deck in both the Top 32 and Top 16. Shaddolls and Qliphorts fill in the remaining spots here. They’ve definitely shown that they can compete with Nekroz, though the sheer number of Nekroz Decks is against them.