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Top 16 Feature Match: Donnell Washington Versus Dirk Wagner

April 13th, 2015

Welcome to the Top 16! There are only four more rounds today, and they’ll be using the Decks each Duelist drafted. Chicago Duelist Dirk Wagner is up against Donnell Washington, from Dallas. Remember, this Match will be using Monster League rules, where all monsters are treated as all Types at all times!

Duel 1

Wagner won the dice roll and chose to play second. Washington began with Mist Valley Falcon and Pyramid of Wonders.

Wagner’s hand was Metabo-Shark, Dragon’s Gunfire, Raigeki Bottle, Intrigue Shield, Kunai with Chain, and Super Rush Recklessly. He played Metabo-Shark, and Set Kunai and Raigeki Bottle.

Washington Normal Summoned Evilswarm O’lantern, and Tributed it to destroy Metabo-Shark. Mist Valley Falcon attacked, returning Pyramid of Wonders to Washington’s hand. In Main Phase 2, he played Pyramid again.

Wagner drew Plant Food Chain. He Set it.

Washington played Sacred Crane. It and Mist Valley Falcon attacked directly. Falcon returned Pyramid to the hand, and it came down again in Main Phase 2.

T16 Wagner

Wagner drew Creature Swap. With no monsters, all of his cards were looking pretty useless. He Set Super Rush Recklessly.

Washington played Sunlight Unicorn, and used its effect. It revealed Bazoo the Soul-Eater, which went to the bottom of the Deck. Wagner realized Washington wasn’t deterred by his back row, and conceded.

Wagner just couldn’t get any monsters, and Washington capitalized with some easy Falcon beatdown. Wagner will need to win two in a row now.

Duel 2

Wagner decided to play second. Washington opted to use his re-draw, and Wagner did as well. Wagner gave up a hand of Diskblade Rider, Vanguard of the Dragon, Dragon’s Gunfire, Psychic Reactor, and Intrigue Shield.

Washington began the Duel with Shreddder equipped with Noble Arms – Caliburn. He gained 500 Life Points with Caliburn.

Wagner’s new hand was 2 Leotaur, Ancient Gear Knight, Psychic Overload, and Alien Brain. He drew Shreddder for his turn. He played it, and discarded Ancient Gear Knight to shred Washington’s Shreddder. He attacked directly, then Set Alien Brain and Psychic Overload.

Washington use The Warrior Returning Alive to get back Shreddder. He played it, discarding Bazoo to shred Wagner’s Shreddder! Washington sent his Shreddder to attack directly. In Main Phase 2, he used Stamping Destruction to destroy Alien Brain and deal 500 damage. Washington Set his last card to his back row.

Wagner drew Intrigue Shield. He played a Leotaur and attacked Shreddder, then Set Intrigue Shield.

Washington Set a back row card.

Wagner drew Ghosts From the Past. Leotaur attacked directly, and Wagner Set Ghosts From the Past.

Washington passed.

Wagner drew Koa’ki Meiru Guardian. Leotaur attacked directly again, leaving Washington with 3900 Life Points, while Wagner had 5900.

Washington played Pyramid of Wonders and Blizzard Dragon. He had it freeze Leotaur, then equipped Blizzard Dragon with Psychic Sword, putting it at 4000 ATK! It attacked Leotaur, and Wagner used Ghosts From the Past! Washington wasn’t out yet, and used Bark of Dark Ruler, putting Leotaur down to 0 ATK! Since both monsters had 0 ATK, neither was destroyed! Unfortunately, Bark of Dark Ruler left Washington with just 1500 Life Points.

Wagner drew Skelesaurus. He passed.

T16 Washington

Washington’s Blizzard Dragon froze Leotaur again. Next, he played Vampire Koala. Vampire Koala attacked Leotaur, and Wagner used Intrigue Shield! Between Pyramid of Wonders and Leotaur’s effect, the monsters were evenly matched, but Intrigue Shield let Leotaur survive. Blizzard Dragon attacked next, finishing it off.

Wagner drew Kunai with Chain. He played his second Leotaur and Set Kunai with Chain.

Washington froze Leotaur with Blizzard. Blizzard attacked and Wagner used Kunai with Chain, with both of its effects. Leotaur gained 500 ATK, and Blizzard went to Defense Position. Washington Set a back row card and passed.

Wagner drew Psychic Reactor. He played Koa’ki Meiru Guardian and attacked Blizzard, and Washington sent Pyramid of Wonders to the Graveyard instead. He Set Psychic Reactor, and in the End Phase, he revealed Skelesaurus for Guardian’s effect.

Blizzard Dragon went to Attack Position and attacked Guardian, and Wagner flipped Psychic Reactor! Guardian and Blizzard Dragon were banished! Washington played Swords of Revealing Light to keep himself around for three more turns.

Wagner drew Dragon’s Gunfire. He passed.

Washington Set a card to his back row.

Wagner drew Mist Valley Falcon and passed.

Washington played Flame Tiger.

Wagner drew another Dragon’s Gunfire! He played both copies of Dragon’s Gunfire to end the Duel out of nowhere!

Dirk Wagner evens the score, throwing out burn damage to circumvent Swords of Revealing Light! One more Duel will determine who moves to the Top 8, while the other will be knocked out of the competition.

Duel 3

Washington decided to have Wagner play first. Wagner’s hand was 2 Leotaur, Hate Buster, Knight Day Grepher, and Ancient Gear Knight. He played Ancient Gear Knight and Set Hate Buster.

Washington played Shreddder and discarded Bazoo to shred Ancient Gear Knight. He equipped it with 7 Completed and attacked directly. He equipped Shreddder with Ribbon of Rebirth to finish.

Wagner drew Magical Exemplar. He played Knight Day Grepher and passed.

Washington played Sunlight Unicorn, and its effect failed, revealing Flame Tiger. Shreddder attacked Knight Day Grepher, and Wagner flipped Hate Buster! Both monsters were destroyed, and Washington took 1600 damage. Sunlight Unicorn attacked directly. The score was 3900 to 6400, with Washington leading.

Wagner drew Metabo-Shark. He played Leotaur and attacked Unicorn, but was blocked by Ready for Intercepting.

Sunlight Unicorn failed, revealing Swords of Revealing Light, and Washington played Blizzard Dragon. He equipped Unicorn with 7 Completed. Blizzard Dragon took out Leotaur and Unicorn attacked directly.

Wagner drew Plant Food Chain. He played his second Leotaur to take out Blizzard Dragon, and Set Plant Food Chain.

Washington used Unicorn, hitting Book of Eclipse. He Set his last card to his back row and passed without attacking.

Wagner drew Nordic Relic Laevateinn. He played Metabo-Shark, without using the effect. Leotaur attacked Unicorn, and in the Damage Step he flipped Plant Food Chain. Washington flipped Bark of Dark Ruler, paying 2500 Life Points! Wagner offered the handshake!

Donnell Washington is moving on to the Top 8!