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Top 16 Feature Match: Tairone Stutson Versus Kevin Malone

April 13th, 2015

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Tairone Stutson piloted his Qliphort Deck to a 9-1-1 finish this weekend. Now, he’s Dueling against Oklahoma City’s Kevin Malone, who finished the Swiss Rounds with a 9-2 record using Tellarknights. Both of these Duelists are using new Decks as of this Round, created by drafting Battle Pack 3: Monster League. The winner of this Match will advance to the Top 8. It’s time to Duel!


Duel One


Stutson opened up Duel 1 with Psi-Curse, Defender, the Magical Knight, Burst Breath, The Immortal Bushi, and Wonder Wand. He Summoned The Immortal Bushi and then Set Psi-Curse.




Malone Summoned Fabled Ashenveil and then attacked The Immortal Bushi to destroy it and deal 400 points of damage to Stutson. He Set 2 cards to his back row before ending his turn.


Stutson drew Kunai with Chain and then Summoned Defender, the Magical Knight. He added a Spell Counter to his Defender. Next, he attacked Ashenveil with Defender. Malone discarded Murmur of the Forest to activate Ashenveil’s effect and increase its ATK. Defender protected itself by giving up a Spell Counter. In Main Phase 2, Stutson equipped The Immortal Bushi with Wonder Wand and then sent The Immortal Bushi to the Graveyard with Wonder Wand to draw Miniaturize and Herald of Orange Light.


Malone Set a card to his back row and then passed his turn.


Stutson drew Freya, Spirit of Victory! He Summoned Freya and then attacked Ashenveil with Defender. He activated Kunai with Chain in the Battle Phase to increase Defender’s ATK by 500, and Malone Chained Forbidden Lance to lower Defender’s ATK and make it unaffected by Spell & Trap Card! Defender dropped down to 1200 ATK and Ashenveil destroyed the Defender in battle. Stutson Set Miniaturize before ending his turn.


Malone attacked Freya with Fabled Ashenveil, destroying it in battle. Then, Stutson flipped Psi-Curse to destroy Ashenveil and inflict 300 points of damage to Malone. Malone Set a card to his back row before passing his turn.


Stutson drew Psychic Jumper and passed.


Malone passed without making a play.


Stutson drew Reptilianne Gorgon and Summoned it. He attacked directly with his Gorgon to drop Malone down to 6600 Life Points and then Set Burst Breath.


Malone Summoned another Fabled Ashenveil and then activated Psychokinesis! He tried to destroy Reptilianne Gorgon; but Stutson Chained Burst Breath to Tribute the Gorgon and try to destroy Ashenveil. Malone Chained Forgotten Temple of the Deep to banish Fabled Ashenveil from the Duel. He activated Closed Forest next, and returned Fabled Ashenveil to the field in his End Phase.


Stutson Special Summoned The Immortal Bushi in Defense Position in his Standby Phase and then Summoned Psychic Jumper! He paid 1000 Life Points to activate his Jumper’s effect and swap The Immortal Bushi with Fabled Ashenveil. Ashenveil attacked The Immortal Bushi and Malone flipped Alien Brain when The Immortal Bushi was destroyed in battle. He regained control of Fabled Ashenveil.


Malone Summoned Black Veloci next turn and then attacked Psychic Jumper with Black Veloci to destroy it. Fabled Ashenveil attacked directly next. Malone discarded Book of Eclipse from his hand to increase his Ashenveil’s ATK, allowing Malone to wipe out the rest of Stutson’s Life Points!


Fabled Veloci


Tairone Stutson wins Duel 1 thanks to Fabled Ashenveil!


Duel Two


Stutson opened up Duel 2 with Gale Lizard, Sunlight Unicorn, Bashing Shield, Skelesaurus, and Swamp Mirrorer.


Duel 2 Opening Hand


He Set Swamp Mirrorer and Summoned Skelesaurus.


Malone Summoned Evilswarm O’Lantern and activated its effect to Tribute it and destroy Skelesaurus. He Set 3 cards to his back row and then ended his turn. Stutson flipped Swamp Mirrorer in the End Phase to Special Summon it to the field as a WIND Dragon with 1800 ATK and 1000 DEF.




Stutson drew Hypnocorn next turn. He attacked directly with Swamp Mirrorer and then Set Gale Lizard in Main Phase 2.


Malone Summoned Fabled Ashenveil and then activated Curse of Anubis to switch Swamp Mirrorer into Defense Position. He attacked with Fabled Ashenveil to destroy Swamp Mirrorer and then passed his turn.


Stutson Flip Summoned Gale Lizard to return Ashenveil to Malone’s hand and then Normal Summoned Sunlight Unicorn. He activated its effect to excavate Defender, the Magical Knight and put it on the bottom of his Deck. He equipped his Sunlight Unicorn with Bashing Shield to increase its ATK by 1000. He attacked with Sunlight Unicorn and Gale Lizard, dropping Malone down to 2000 Life Points. Stutson activated Machine Assembly Line in Main Phase 2 and then ended his turn.


Malone activated Book of Eclipse to turn all monsters on the field face-down. Then, he Summoned Ashenveil and attacked Sunlight Unicorn to destroy it. Stutson added 2 Counters to his Machine Assembly Line. Malone ended his turn, and Stutson flipped Gale Lizard face-up and drew a card in the End Phase due to the effect of Book of Eclipse.


Stutson Summoned Koa’ki Meiru Doom and then switched Gale Lizard into Attack Position. He attacked Ashenveil with Gale Lizard and Malone discarded a card from his hand to increase Ashenveil’s ATK by 600 and win the battle. Malone added 2 more Counters to his Assembly Line when Gale Lizard was destroyed. Koa’ki Meiru Doom attacked Fabled Ashenveil next, and Malone discarded Genex Ally Bellflame from his hand to increase Ashenveil’s ATK once again and win the battle. Stutson Set a card in Main Phase 2 and then sent Machine Assembly Line to the Graveyard to Special Summon Skelesaurus from his Graveyard in Attack Position. In Stutson’s End Phase, Malone activated Psychic Overload to shuffle 3 monsters from his Graveyard into his Deck and draw 2 cards.


Malone Summoned Black Veloci and then attacked Skelesaurus with Black Veloci to destroy it. Next, Fabled Ashenveil attacked directly, dropping Stutson down to 5600 Life Points.


Stutson drew Reptilianne Gorgon and then Summoned Hypnocorn. He activated its effect to destroy Malone’s face-down Telepathic Power. He attacked Black Veloci with Hypnocorn destroying both monsters in battle.


Malone Summoned Lion Alligator and then attacked directly with Lion Alligator and Fabled Ashenveil to drop Stutson down to 1900 Life Points.


Stutson drew Sacred Crane. He Summoned Sacred Crane and then attacked Ashenveil; but Malone discarded Murmur of the Forest from his hand to increase Ashenveil’s ATK by 600 and win the battle.


Malone attacked with Fabled Ashenveil and Lion Alligator on his next turn to win the Duel and the Match!


Ashenveil and Alligator


Kevin Malone is moving on to the Top 8!