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Top 8 Feature Match: Donnell Washington Versus Aaron Furman

April 13th, 2015

The Top 16 Duelists have been halved, and it’s about to happen again! Donnell Washington and Aaron Furman both need a win here if they want a shot at the Ascension Sky Dragon prize card and the championship title.

Duel 1

Washington won the dice roll and chose to play second. Furman played Closed Forest and Vanguard of the Dragon, then a Set back row card.

Washington’s hand was Sunlight Unicorn, Vampire Koala, Plant Food Chain, Ribbon of Rebirth, Stamping Destruction, and Sea Koala. He began with Unicorn, and used Stamping Destruction to take out Miracle Locus. Unicorn’s effect put Rhinotaurus on the bottom of Washington’s Deck. He equipped Vanguard of the Dragon with Ribbon of Rebirth, and attacked! Unicorn destroyed Vanguard, and Washington stole Vanguard thanks to Ribbon! He attacked with it as well, leaving Furman with 5700 Life Points! Washington Set Plant Food Chain… but Furman immediately conceded on his turn!

T8 Washington Poses

Washington makes a huge Ribbon of Rebirth play, and Furman knew right away he wouldn’t be making a comeback. Can Furman even it up, or will Washington end this one quickly?

Duel 2

Furman chose to play second. Washington began with Swords of Revealing Light, Plant Food Chain, Rhinotaurus, Ribbon of Rebirth, and Stamping Destruction. He Set Plant Food Chain.

Furman played Rigorous Reaver and attacked directly. He Set a back row card to finish.

Washington drew Evilswarm O’lantern. He played it and used Stamping Destruction to take out Chaos Burst. He equipped Rigorous Reaver with Ribbon of Rebirth and attacked, stealing it with Ribbon! Evilswarm O’lantern lost 500 ATK and DEF due to Reaver. Washington attacked directly with his new Reaver and passed.

Furman played Spined Gillman. It attacked O’lantern, and Washington used Plant Food Chain, forgetting about the decrease O’lantern had from Rigorous Reaver! He took 50 damage and lost his monster. Furman Set a card to his back row.

Washington drew Forbidden Dress. Rhinotaurus came down, and Washington moved to the Battle Phase. Reaver attacked Spined Gillman, and in the Damage Step he played Forbidden Dress on Spined Gillman. Furman responded with Miracle Locus, which let Washington draw Psychic Sword. Reaver was destroyed, weakening Spined Gillman enough for Rhinotaurus to take it out. Washington had 6350 Life Points, while Furman had 4750. Washington played Swords of Revealing Light to finish.

Furman played Koa’ki Meiru Beetle and revealed Gauntlet Warrior for it.

T8 Furman

Washington drew Sacred Crane and Summoned it.

Furman passed, revealing Gauntlet Warrior for Beetle again.

Washington drew Reptilianne Rage! He equipped it to Rhinotaurus and had it run over Koa’ki Meiru Beetle. Sacred Crane attacked directly, dropping Furman to 2450 Life Points.

Furman used Murmur of the Forest to put Rhinotaurus face-down, and Reptilianne Rage fell to the Graveyard. He Set a monster, and Swords of Revealing Light was destroyed.

Washington drew The Warrior Returning Alive. He Flip Summoned Rhinotaurus, then used The Warrior Returning Alive to get back Evilswarm O’lantern, and Normal Summoned it. Rhinotaurus attacked, and Furman revealed his Set monster to merely be Gauntlet Warrior! Washington’s other monsters finished off Furman’s Life Points!

Donnell Washington is moving to the Top 4!

[Pic of Donnell posing]