YCS First-Timers

April 11th, 2015

YCS Tournaments bring both new players and veterans alike. With the main tournament, plus a ton of side event options, there’s something for everybody! We’re here with a couple of players attending their very first YCS.

First up is Miles Luke, a 10-year-old Chicago Duelist. What does he think of the event? “I like it. A lot bigger than I expected it to be.” He’s here using an Elemental HERO Deck, packing new cards from the HEROStrike Structure Deck, and will be playing in the Dragon Duel tournament with his friends. Here’s Miles, posing with his favorite card, Elemental HERO Shadow Mist!

First Timer Miles

Next up is 12-year-old Jacob Wingstrom, another Duelist from here in Chicago! He thought the YCS was cool so far. “It’s like locals, times a hundred! A lot of people, it’s gonna be fun.” He’s using an Elemental HERO Deck, and though his favorite card isn’t a HERO… it’s his Ghost Rare Bujinki Amaterasu! Here’s Jacob with his favorite card!

First Timer Jacob

Round 1 is about to start, so good luck to our first-timers and veterans!