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QQ: What Are You Playing And What Do You Think Will Win?

May 23rd, 2015

The 150th YCS is the first YCS since YCS San Mateo in 2013 that will be played completely in the Advanced Constructed Format. This means Deck preparation is significantly more opponent because rather than drafting in Top Cut, players will have to rely completely on the same Deck that they advanced through the Swiss Rounds of the tournament with. We asked Duelists what strategies they had chosen to play with this weekend and what Deck they think will win the whole tournament!

“I’m using Star Seraph Shaddollss and I think ‘tellarknights are going to win.” – Justin Bendel

“I chose to use Batterymen and hopefully they will win, gotta be optimistic!” – Korey Rubino

“Nekroz! I’m thinking Shaddolls though, haha.” – Billy Brake

“I’m Dueling with Yosenju but I think Shaddolls will take it down.” – Andrew Garofolo

“Nekroz! Nekroz! Nekroz!” – Harvey Law

“Shaddolls! But Nekroz is super good.” – Hin Ting Lee

“I’m playing Ritual Beast, and if I don’t win it’ll probably be Nekroz.” – Bobby Kenny

“I’m Dueling with Shaddolls but I actually don’t know what will win, anything can.” – Jeff Jones

“Ritual Beasts! I think Nekroz is going to win though.” – Maxwell James

“Qliphort, but I think Disaster Dragon with Light and Darkness Dragon is really storng.” – Ben Blanchard

“I’m using ‘tellarknights and ‘tellarknights are going to win.” – Joseph Giorlando


With a wide variety of Decks being used in the field, it’s difficult to say what will take down the tournament. Nekroz has shown the most success thus far in recent YCS events, but Shaddolls continue to grow in popularity. As Jeff Jones mentioned, anything can win, so we’ll have to wait and see!