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QQ: What is Your Favorite YCS Prize Card?

May 23rd, 2015

A big reason to compete in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championsip Series is the chance to win Prize Cards, and currently Ascension Sky Dragon is the card to win! However, the YCS has a long history of Prize Cards, and Duelists have grown affectionate of a few that they view as their favorites. We went around and asked what theirs was!

Blood Mefist.” – Nick Seginak

Darklord Asmodeus!” – Ben Blanchard

Gold Sarcophagus.” – Jonathan Moore

Crush Card Virus, but that errata though…”– Pasquale Crociata

“Blood Mefist.” – Nick Spicer

Crush Card Virus.” – Aaron Furman

Dark End Dragon.” – Jeff Jones

Crush Card Virus.” – Bobby Kenny

“Crush Card. Not close.” – Joseph Giorlando

“The Darklord Set.” – Cordero Spencer

Cyber Stein.” – Hin Ting Lee

“Giant Hand!” – Ricky Lee

Number 106: Giant Hand!” – Brandon Gille

Des Volstgalph!” – Billy Brake


There was a ride range of answers, with Crush Card Virus being by far the most popular overall and quite fitting seeing as we have the voice actor of Seto Kaiba, Eric Stuart, in the building! There will be five Ascension Sky Dragons given out this weekend, so we’ll see who will earn their own Prize Card this weekend!