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QQ: Which of Kaiba’s Cards is Your Favorite?

May 23rd, 2015

Seto Kaiba is known for using some of the most powerful cards in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! and prides himself on owning the only copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, that he didn’t rip, in existence. Which one of Kaiba’s cards is your favorite?

Crush Card Virus.” – Jeff Jones

“Crush Card Viactually, no. Chaos Emperor Dragon.” – Jonathan Moore

Saggi the Dark Clown.” – Joseph Giorlando

“Kaiba’s best card, Crush Card Virus!” – Brandon Gille

“Magical Trick Mirror, used on Season 3 and 5.” – Cordero Spencer

Hitotsu-Me Giant!” – Billy Brake

Mystical Space Typhoon.” – Chase Fulmer

Saggi the Dark Clown.” – Aaron Furman

Blue-Eyes White Dragon, obviously.” – Pasquaele Crociata

“Blue-Eyes.” – Jordan Williams

Mirror Force Dragon!” – Bobby Kenny

Peten the Dark Clown.” – Austin Hurth

Vorse Raider.” – Nick Seginak

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.” – Maxwell James

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.” – Korey Rubine

Swordstalker!” – Kodi Rubino

Fiend’s Sanctuary.” – Justin Bendel


With such a large variety of answers, we were surprised to see no Obelisk the Tormentor fans. Blue-Eyes White Dragon and all of its various incarnations reigned supreme, quite fitting given the 150th Participation Playmat!