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The Livestream Experience at the 150th YCS

May 24th, 2015

The 150th YCS is packed full of exciting things, but a key awesome difference from other North American YCS has been the livestream coverage. The European YCS scene has adapted well to livestreaming but as far as North America goes this has been exclusive to the World Championship Qualifier, but the special celebration of the 150th YCS was enough reason for us to bring it here. As the event progresses more and more improvements are being made on site to the stream experience, showcasing both how adamant we are about giving a good viewer experience as well as that we know there ways to improve.

We have had a few really awesome commentators in the booth this weekend: SJC Philadelphia 2008 winner and World Championship 2009 competitor Michael Kohanim; YCS Indianapolis 2011 winner and World Championship 2013 competitor Robert Boyajian; YCS Toronto 2011, YCS Columbus 2011, and YCS Dallas 2014 winner Billy Brake; and Jerome McHale from Konami Research and Development. These expert commentators can dive into a match and explain to the audience what is going on while giving deeper analysis on subtleties that they may not recognize. The dialogue between the commentators in tandem with the live video coverage work to bring the best viewer experience possible, and all of this is bringing the game to the next level.

The special guest Seto Kaiba voice actor Eric Stuart has also been featured on the livestream, as well as portions of the event outside of the main tournament. Viewers at home get to see much more than merely what is happening in our Feature Match area, making it a more inclusive experience than would be otherwise. Ultimately, all of the aspects work towards what we hope to be a great way for those who are less familiar with the YCS scene to become more accustom, as well as those who are familiar to get in depth enough commentary to appeal to them as well.

If you haven’t been watching the stream for whatever reason, please make sure to check out the Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialYuGiOhTCG.