Top Tables Update: Round 6

May 23rd, 2015

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the Top 10 tables in Round 6!

Table 1: Terrance Kinsley (Nekroz) vs. Dominique Roberts (Nekroz)

Table 2: Zachary Pulley (Nekroz) vs. Benedikt Junk (Qliphort)

Table 3: Rafael Mendoza Jr. (Nekroz) vs. Tyree Tinsley (Nekroz)

Table 4: Ned Salkovitch (Nekroz) vs. Andrew Senteno (Ritual Beast)

Table 5: Marco Martinez Garcia (Nekroz) vs. Marcus Carisse (Nekroz)

Table 6: Alexander Flamer (Nekroz) vs. Sheldon Spaulding (Nekroz)

Table 7: Galo Orbea (Nekroz) vs. Roy St. Clair (Qliphorts)

Table 8: Tien Pham (Nekroz) vs. James Armband (Nekroz)

Table 9: Marcus Hayden (Nekroz) vs. Issac Florentino (Nekroz)

Table 10: Serhan Akturk (Shaddoll) vs. Ried Roshong (Qliphort)