Top Tables Update: Round 9

May 24th, 2015

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the Top 10 tables in Round 9!

Table 1: Justin Russell (Nekroz) versus Benedikt Junk (Qliphort)

Table 2: Marco Martinez Garcia (Nekroz) versus Tien Pham (Nekroz)

Table 3: Terrance Kinsley (Nekroz) versus Christian Georges (Nekroz)

Table 4: Adrian Shakir (Burning Abyss) versus Miguel Soto (Ritual Beast)

Table 5: Tanner Sparrow (Ritual Beast) versus Emmad Fajem (Qliphort)

Table 6: Elvis Vu (Nekroz) versus Jesus Silva (Nekroz)

Table 7: Jeremy MacWan (Nekroz) versus Juan Black Olaya (Qliphort)

Table 8: Eric Hodge Santos (Nekroz) versus Luke Feeney (Nekroz)

Table 9: Luis Poma (Nekroz) versus Ryne Hanson (Tellarknight)

Table 10: Timothy Li (Artifact Shaddoll) versus Austin Neumeier (Burning Abyss)