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Welcome to the 150th YCS in Columbus!

May 23rd, 2015

It has been a long time coming, but this weekend we have finally reached the 150th YCS! Duelists from all over have made it out for the celebration and there’s a lot going on. Not only do we have Seto Kaiba voice actor Eric Stuart, but tons of new Public Event prizing as well as special participation mat for attending as well as making the top cut!



This is the first North American YCS that will be played completely in the Constructed Advanced Format, so Duelists have had to work extra hard and make special preparation knowing that the top cut portion will not be played with Battle Pack 3: Monster League. Nekroz has been the dominating force thus far but Shaddoll has slowly been rising in popularity, but will the advent of Crossed Souls manage to shake it up? We’re in for an exciting weekend here in Columbus!