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Dragon Duel Top 4 Feature Match: Ivan Enrique de Jesus Alvarez Castro (Nekroz) Versus Juan Carlos Coronel (Nekroz)

June 21st, 2015

Yesterday we introduced you to the Coronels, a family of three Duelists that between them hold the Mexican National Championship, the Mexican Dragon Duel Championship, and the Dragon Duel 2nd Place title.  We also featured the patriarch of the family, National Champion Juan Carlos Coronel in our Round 3 Feature Match, where he triumphed over Shaddolls in a 2-1 victory. Coronel is still competing in the Top Cut over in the WCQ Main Event, but here in the Dragon Duel both of his sons have made the Top 4.  Seated at Table 1 and Table 2, we could see Daniel Isai and Juan Carlos the younger go head-to-head in the Finals, Dueling for the title of Central American Champion.  But if that’s to be the case, both brothers will have to win their Top 4 Match first.  And that won’t be easy, because Juan Carlos Coronel’s opponent this round is none other than Ivan Enrique de Jesus Alvarez Castro – the reigning Central American Dragon Duel Champion!

We could see two brothers from the family of Champions duke it out for yet another title.  Or, we could see Alvarez defeat both brothers one after the other to retain his title, heading to the World Championship for two years in a row.  What’s it gonna be?!  Let’s find out!  Alvarez opted to play second.  Both Duelists shook hands.

Coronel opened with a hand of Djinn Releaser of Rituals; Nekroz Mirror; Nekroz Kaleidoscope; Nekroz of Trishula; and Nekroz of Decisive Armor.  He passed.

Alvarez drew to six, then passed.

Coronel drew Nekroz of Unicore, activated Nekroz Kaleidoscope, and Alvarez Chained Maxx “C”!  Coronel sent Herald of the Arc Light to the Graveyard to Summon Unicore, then got Nekroz of Clausolas from his Deck.  He discarded it for Nekroz Cycle and activated Cycle to Ritual Summon Nekroz of Clausolas with Djinn Releaser of Rituals as Tribute!  Coronel ended his turn.

Alvarez broke the Djinn lock with Book of Eclipse!  He Summoned Senju of the Thousand Hands to search his Deck for Nekroz of Trishula, then activated Nekroz Mirror Tributing Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz for Trishula’s Ritual Summon!  The Trishula banished Coronel’s on-field Clausolas, his Nekroz Cycle from his Graveyard, and his Nekroz Mirror from his hand!

Shurit got Alvarez Nekroz of Brionac from his Deck, and he pitched Clausolas to search Nekroz Kaleidoscope.  Brionac got him Nekroz of Valkyrus next; Alvarez moved like lightning and never seemed to question any of his plays.  He was amazing to watch.  He activated Nekroz Kaleidoscope to Ritual Summon Valkyrus and Unicore with Shooting Quasar Dragon, then attacked with everything to destroy Coronel’s face-down Unicore and drop him to 100 Life Points.  He finished the Duel moments later with Gagaga Cowboy!


Juan Carlos Coronel sets up the infamous Djinn Lock with Nekroz of Clausolas, but Ivan Enrique de Jesus Alvarez Castro counters with Book of Eclipse and unleashes Nekroz of Trishula plus a massive Nekroz Kaleidoscope for a quick victory!  Could we see Alvarez win the Championship two years in a row?

Alvarez was up first.  He Summoned Senju of the Thousand Hands to get Nekroz of Brionac, then Set two cards to his back row.

Coronel drew, holding Nekroz of Valkyrus; Mind Crush; Nekroz of Trishula; Nekroz Mirror; Mystical Space Typhoon; and Reinforcement of the Army.  He blew away Alvarez’s Mind Crush with a blind Space Typhoon, then searched his Deck for Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz with Reinforcement.  He activated Nekroz Mirror to pitch the Shurit intending to Ritual Summon Nekroz of Trishula, but he revealed his Trishula before Alvarez had any chance to respond.  That gave Alvarez the information he needed, flipping Mind Crush and calling Trishula!  A rough mistake by the eager Coronel.

Coronel Summoned Valkyrus instead, and Shurit got him Nekroz of Brionac.  He attacked over Senju with Valkyrus and Tributed it to draw Shared Ride.  He discarded Brionac to get Nekroz of Unicore, then banished Brionac and Nekroz Mirror from his Graveyard to get Nekroz Kaleidoscope.  He Set Shared Ride and Mind Crush to end.

Alvarez discarded Brionac for its effect and Coronel Chained Shared Ride: Alvarez searched his Deck for Nekroz of Valkyrus and Coronel drew, scoring Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands.  He discarded Unicore to get back Brionac.

Coronel drew Nekroz of Clausolas  and Nekroz Kaleidoscope’d for Unicore.  He sent Herald of the Arc Light to the Graveyard and its effect got him a Brionac from his Deck.  He pitched Clausolas for Nekroz Cycle and Summoned Manju to search his Deck for Nekroz of Decisive Armor.  Brionac was next, getting him Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz .  He activated Nekroz Cycle to Tribute Shurit from his hand and Ritual Summon Nekroz of Valkyrus, searching another Nekroz of Clausolas with Shurit’s effect.  He flipped Mind Crush calling Nekroz of Valkyrus, discarded it from Alvarez’s hand, and attacked with Unicore, Manju, and Valkyrus for game!


Shared Ride lets Coronel tie down Alvarez’s plays just long enough, and Mind Crush seals the deal!  Juan Carlos Coronel pushes this Top 4 Feature Match to a third and final Duel.  Alvarez would have the advantage of choosing to go second – this was still anybody’s Match.  The Duelists traded one more handshake.

Coronel had Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands; Shared Ride; Nekroz Cycle; Preparation of Rites; and Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz.  He Summoned Manju to get Nekroz of Valkyrus from his Deck, then activated Nekroz Cycle to Tribute Shurit for Valkyrus’ Ritual Summon.  Shurit’s effect searched Nekroz of Brionac from his Deck, and Coronel Tributed Manju and Valkyrus to draw Nekroz of Trishula and Nekroz Mirror.  He discarded Brionac to get his second Valkyrus, then Set Shared Ride.

Alvarez Summoned Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, activated its effect, and Coronel Chained Shared Ride.  Alvarez searched Nekroz of Brionac and Coronel drew Nekroz Kaleidoscope.  Alvarez attacked with Manju and Set two cards to his back row.

Coronel drew Senju of the Thousand Hands.  He banished Nekroz Cycle and Brionac to get another Cycle, then Summoned Senju to search Nekroz of Unicore.  He activated Kaleidoscope, Alvarez flipped Mind Crush for Nekroz of Unicore, and Coronel discarded it, revealing his hand as having no other options.  Preparation of Rites searched Nekroz of Brionac from his Deck and got back his Kaleidoscope, and Coronel dumped Brionac to search Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz.

Coronel activated Cycle, Tributing Shurit to Ritual Summon back Nekroz of Valkyrus.  Shurit got him Nekroz of Clausolas and he attacked Manju with Valkyrus – Alvarez responded with Book of Eclipse to turn everything face-down.  In Main Phase 2 Coronel activated Nekroz Mirror, banishing Shurit for Nekroz of Trishula!  He banished Alvarez’s Manju from the field, his Reinforcement of the Army from his hand, and his Book of Eclipse from the Graveyard!  He flipped Senju and Valkyrus in his End Phase to draw two more cards, now holding five in hand with three monsters on the field.

Alvarez discarded Brionac to search Shurit, then Tributed it to Ritual Summon Nekroz of Valkyrus with Nekroz Mirror.  Shurit got him another Brionac, and he attacked Coronel’s Defense Position Valkyrus with his own, destroying Coronel’s copy.

Coronel drew Nekroz of Gungnir, way up in cards and options.  Alvarez had just two cards in hand with his Valkyrus on the field.  Coronel discarded Clausolas to search Nekroz Kaleidoscope, activated Nekroz Mirror to banish Unicore and Clausolas, and Ritual Summoned Nekroz of Gungnir!  He discarded Nekroz Kaleidoscope to blow away his opponent’s Valkyrus with Gungnir, then attacked with Senju, Gungnir, and Trishula to drop Alvarez to 1400 Life Points.  Coronel Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Alvarez drew to three in hand and considered his options.  He banished for the effect of Nekroz Mirror and Coronel Chained Shared Ride!  Alvarez searched Nekroz Kaleidoscope and Coronel drew Mind Crush.  Alvarez went all in: despite the Shared Ride it was now or never.  He discarded Brionac to search Nekroz of Trishula, giving Coronel another draw.  Then he activated Nekroz Mirror to banish Shurit for Trishula’s Ritual Summon.  When Trishula hit the field and activated its effect, Coronel Chained Gungnir’s ability, discarding Nekroz Kaleidoscope to destroy Trishula on the Chain.  Trishula’s effect banished his in-hand Nekroz of Valkyrus, his on-field Trishula, and Shurit from his Graveyard.  But without that Trishula he had no followup; Alvarez Set a monster.

Coronel attacked it with Gungnir next turn: it was Djinn Releaser of Rituals, and once it was out of the way Coronel was free to attack for precise game damage with Senju!


The torch is passed!  2014 Central American Dragon Duel Champion Ivan Enrique de Jesus Alvarez Castro puts forth an amazing showing, but Juan Carlos Coronel narrowly escapes a Game 1 defeat to win two Duels back-to-back!  His brother Daniel Isai Coronel had won his Match just minutes before, and was standing by watching Juan Carlos’ last Duel.

These two brothers will face off in the Finals, and one way or another the Coronel Family is headed to the World Championships!