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QQ: How did you earn your invite to the North American WCQ?

June 27th, 2015

Although we are nearing the final stages of the North American WCQ process, Duelists have fought hard just to get here. The North American WCQ is an invite only tournament, meaning that you will need to earn your invitation from a Regional Qualifier, Extravaganza, Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series, Official Tournament Store Championship, or even one of the Last Chance Qualifiers to get here. With such a wide variety of methods available, many Duelists have found success in different paths. Let’s see how these Duelists have gotten here this weekend!

“A Regional Qualifier playing Watts!” – Andrew Farofolo ~ Raleigh, NC

“I didn’t qualify but I’m still having fun. ” – Thomas Austin ~Las Cruces, NM

“Placed 12th at the San Antonio Regional Qualifier.” – Salvador Pulido ~ San Antonio, TX

“I got mine through a Regional Qualifier and a YCS!” – Jordan Bermudez ~ Louisville, KY

“Five Regional Qualifiers and I won an OTS.” – Blair Hunter ~ Warner Robins, GA

“Through a Regional in Arizona.” – Daniel Thorp ~ Santa Fe, NM

“Three Regional Top 8’s!” – Jordan Palmer ~ Chicago, IL

“YCS Charleston and Columbus.” – Dawson McGaha ~ Columbia, SC

“A Regional in January.” – Cordero Spencer ~ Aurora, IL

“Didn’t qualify but there’s always Public Events.” – Christopher Ponder ~ Indianapolis, IN

“Topped a Regional.” – James Brown ~ Louisville, KY

“A regional in Madison, Tennessee.” – Tanner Sparrow ~ Atlanta, GA

“YCS Charleston, YCS Columbus, and a Regional.” – Dylan McGaha ~ Columbia, SC

“A near Top 8 finish at a Regional in Kissimmee, Florida.” – Rich Clarke ~ Tallahassee FL

“A Regional Qualifier at Srhreveport.” – Jacob Prince ~ Dallas, TX


Regional Qualifiers seem to be where the majority of players have earned their invitation for this weekend, but even those who did not manage to qualify seem to be having a good time at the event. With a wide range of qualification methods and locations, we have a ton of variety in our player pool for the North American WCQ. Hopefully their journey ends successfully as they continue to fight for their slot on Team North America!