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QQ: What Are You Playing In The LCQ’s?

June 19th, 2015

For those Duelists that have yet to earn an invite, at each of the WCQ’s there’s Last-Chance Qualifiers being held on the Friday.  Hundreds of Duelists showed up at the LCQ’s in Central America, eager to win their invite.  A total of 70 LCQ’s were run, with invites being awarded to those in 1st and 2nd place.  It’s not too late for Dragon Duelists either, with 2 LCQ’s being offered on Friday for those Duelists born in 2002 or later with the Top 4 earning an invite to the Dragon Duel WCQ.

We start off this weekend with the first of our Quick Questions!

While Nekroz remains the most talked-about strategy in competition, the weeks since YCS Columbus have seen big showings and some big innovation from Qliphorts, Shaddolls, and Burning Abyss.  ‘tellarknights and Ritual Beasts remain popular too, and World Championship Qualifiers often play host to new, surprising rogue strategies, as Duelists try to find new ways to beat the expected field.  With that in mind, we hit the tournament floor to ask prospective qualifiers: what are you playing in Last Chance Qualifiers?

“I’m running Qliphort because I think it’s very consistent.  I’m Main Decking Apoqliphort Towers, because not many Decks will be prepared for it.  I think it’s a strong metagame call.”  Kimberly Almeida Saucedo ~ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

“Blackwings! I’ve been playing Blackwings since they first came out.  It’s got a good match-up against Burning Abyss, and does well against Qliphorts, but struggles with Shaddolls and Nekroz.” Diego Ramirez Castillo ~ Estado de Mexico

“I’m playing Shaddolls with Star Seraph Scepter and Star Seraph Sovereignty.  I decided not to play Secret Village of the Spellcasters.” Jesus Antonio ~ Jalapa del Morques, Oaxaca

“I’m playing Qliphorts: I have a great match-up against Shaddolls and Nekroz, and Skill Drain is very good.”  Francisco Armando Mejia ~ Acapulco, Guerrero

“Shaddolls with special techs for Nekroz.  I’m maining Mistake and Thunder King Rai-Oh.  I think I have a good match-up against Nekroz because of those cards.” Irham Diaz Lopez ~ Fresnillo, Zacatecas

“I’m playing Madolche, because I think it’s a very versatile Deck!  It has a very good match-up against Burning Abyss.” David Alan Emmanuel Reyes Ramos ~ Leon, Guanajuato

“I’m playing a typical Burning Abyss deck.  I really like Tour Guide from the Underworld, but it’s Limited, so I cry!”  He laughed.  “I think I have a good match-up against Qliphorts.” Emmanuel Gonzalez Rivera ~ Zitacuaro, Michoacan

“I’m playing ‘tellarknights, because I’m familiar with the deck and it still does well against the other top decks.  I really like the combo of Satellarknight Deneb and Satellarknight Altair, and I think I have good match-ups against Burning Abyss and Nekroz.” Rodrigo Tlacaelel Jimenez Bustamante ~ Mexico, D.F.

“Nekroz.  My Deck is different because I’m playing some traps, including Fiendish Chain and Solemn Warning.  People don’t expect Nekroz to be running traps!  I find Shaddolls to be my best match-up.  I like playing against Burning Abyss too – the games get very complicated, making for a fun match.”  Juan Ramos Rebollo ~ Morelia, Michoaca

“Burning Abyss!  I planned to trade Decks, but wound up sticking with Burning Abyss because of the upcoming 2015 Mega-Tins.  Unfortunately my only really good match-up is Qliphorts.” Leonardo Alcantara Sierra ~ Mexico D.F.

“I’m playing Masked HEROes.  I decided to play the HERO Deck because it’s a Deck I’ve liked for a long time.  I have some trouble with some of the bigger Decks, but I think if I play carefully and Side Deck accordingly I can do well.  My best match-up is Burning Abyss!”  Bruno Ulises Aguilar Ugarte ~ Tampico, Tamaulipas.

“I chose Star Seraph Shaddolls, and I’m playing Archlord Kristya.  The deck isn’t particularly strong against any one strategy, but it’s a very aggressive build, so I think I can win anything as long as I side appropriately.”  Scott Arteaga Valdez ~ Mexico, D.F.

It’s clearly a really varied metagame here in the Last Chance Qualifiers, but will that trend carry forward to the WCQ tomorrow?  Check out our live Day 1 coverage to find out!