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QQ: Which of Marik’s cards is your favorite?

June 28th, 2015

Marik Ishtar is one of the many antagonists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV Series, but he is a favorite among many Duelits. Between his hunt for the Egyptian God cards as well as his quest for retribution against the nameless pharaoh, Marik has used many powerful cards to try to accomplish his goals. Which of Marik’s cards is your favorite?

Necrovalley.” – Uzoukwu Onwunmelu ~ Chicago, IL

The Winged Dragon of Ra!” – Dylan McGaha ~ Columbia, SC

Revival Jam.” – Dawson McGaha ~ Columbia, SC

Gravekeeper’s Spy.” – Jordan Bermudez ~ Louisville, KY

“Ra.” – Daniel Thorp ~ Santa Fe, NM

Card of Last Will.” – Salvador Pulido ~ San Antonia, TX

Gilgarth.” – Matthew Nicomini ~ Louisville, KY

Drillago!” – Christian Ramirez ~ Los Angeles, CA

Temple of the Kings.” – Corey Stearman ~ Louisville, KY

The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode.” – Jacob Prince ~ Dallas, TX

Juragedo.” – Andrew Garofolo ~ Raleigh, NC

The Winged Dragon of Ra.” – Cordero Spencer ~ Aurora, IL

Burial from a Different Dimension.” – Rich Clarke ~ Tallahassee, FL

Gravekeeper’s Commandant.” – James Brown ~ Louisville, KY

“Ra!” – Thomas Austin ~ Las Cruces, NM


The most popular choices by Duelists this weekend was Marik’s trump card: The Winged Dragon of Ra! Who wouldn’t want to pick such a powerful God Card? And with even more of Marik’s cards recently released in Duelist Pack: Battle City, the available card pool for Marik fans continues to grow. We’ll have to see if he can best Maximillion Pegasus in their Duel on Sunday!