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QQ: Who will win between Marik and Pegasus?

June 28th, 2015

Scripted Duels are a very popular attraction at events, and this weekend we have quite an epic one with Marik Ishtar against Maximillion Pegasus. Marik is best known for his Gravekeeper’s while Pegasus’s affinity for Toons precedes himself, but will the rare hunter be able to claim victory over the creator of Duel Monsters? Or will Pegasus’s whacky antics be too much for Marik? Both Duelists have been known to use some shady tactics with their respective Millennium Items, so who will come out on top?

“Pegasus.” – Dyland McGaha ~ Columbia, SC

“Marik.” – Jordan Bermudez ~ Louisville, KY

“Pegasus, because money.” – Corey Stearman ~ Louisville, KY

“Pegasus.” – Uzuoukwu Onwunmelu ~ Chicago, IL

“Marik.” – Cordero Spencer ~ Aurora, IL

“Pegasus.” – Jordan Palmer ~ Chicago, IL

“Pegasus.” – Salvador Pulido ~ San Antonio, TX

“Marik.” – Joseph Mihalko ~ Valdosta, GA

“Pegasus.” – Jacob Prince ~ Dallas, TX

“Pegasus!” – Tanner Sparrow ~ Atlanta, GA

“Pegasus.” – Corey Stearman ~ Louisville, KY

“Marik.” – Jacob Higgins ~ Baton Rouge, LA

“Marik.” – Blair Hunter ~ Warner Robins, GA

“The real King of Games, Pegasus!” – Zackery Compoamor ~ Frankfort, KY

“Marik.” – Michael Morrison Jr. ~ Louisville, KY


Maximillion Pegasus seems to be the majority favorite among the Duelists that we pooled. Marik Ishtar is no slouch though, and with the power of The Winged Dragon of Ra he may be able to defeat the creator of Duel Monsters himself! Who do you think will win? Find out during the Live Duel on Sunday!