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Round 3 Feature Match: Brendan Faircloth versus Jesse Gallet

June 28th, 2015

Welcome to Round 3! We’re here with Brendan Faircloth, a North Carolina Duelist using a very unique Deck today: Startrix! It’s a fusion of Star Seraphs and Traptrix, with a ton of ways to get free cards from his Deck. His opponent is Jesse Gallet, a Satellarknight Duelist from Louisiana. Gallet’s Deck has totally different cards but some similar goals: Search the Deck constantly for whatever you want with Reinforcement of the Army and Satellarknight Deneb. Both Decks also rely on Xyz Monsters for their biggest plays. Let’s see how this pans out.

Duel 1

Gallet starting with Reinforcement of the Army, adding Satellarknight Deneb to his hand. He played it, adding Satellarknight Altair to his hand. Pot of Duality was next, revealing Mirror Force, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Mind Crush. He took the Mystical Space Typhoon, then Set two cards to his back row.

Faircloth began with Mind Crush, Solemn Warning, Traptrix Myrmeleo, Ice Hand, Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd, and Thunder King Rai-Oh. He Special Summoned Assault Halberd and Normal Summoned Ice Hand. Ice Hand attacked into Deneb, and Faircloth took 100 damage. When Ice Hand went down, it destroyed Gallet’s Mystical Space Typhoon, then Special Summoned Fire Hand. Assault Halberd attacked Deneb next, and Fairclotch used its effect to add another Assault Halberd to his hand. Fairclotch Set Mind Crush and Solemn Warning.

Gallet played Altair, and lost it to Solemn Warning. Gallet Set another card to his back row.

Fairclotch drew Call of the Haunted. He played Myrmeleo, searching out Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Assault Halberd attacked directly, and it searched out the third copy of Assault Halberd to Faircloth’s hand. Fire Hand and Myrmeleo attacked directly. In Main Phase 2, he stacked Myrmeleo and Assault Halberd for Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk! Its effect banished Altair and Deneb from Gallet’s Graveyard! Faircloth Set Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare and Call of the Haunted.

Gallet used Reinforcement of the Army to get Satellarknight Vega, and Faircloth’s Mind Crush discarded it! After that, Faircloth tried to revive Myrmeleo with Call of the Haunted, but Gallet used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Call. Gallet played Deneb next, adding Altair to his hand, and Deneb destroyed Rhapsody in Berserk.

Faircloth drew Star Seraph Sovereignty, and Gallet flipped Mind Crush to nail both of his copies of Assault Halberd! Faircloth continued with Thunder King Rai-Oh. It destroyed Deneb in battle, then Fire Hand struck directly. That left Gallet with 700 Life Points, so Faircloth Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy to fire off the winning shot!

Brendan Faircloth

Faircloth takes a commanding first Duel, destroying everything Gallet tried to play and even banishing his Graveyard!

Duel 2

Gallet chose to play first. He started off with Deneb and searched for Vega, then used Pot of Duality to choose between Mirror Force, Call of the Haunted, and Vanity’s Emptiness. He took Mirror Force, then Set two to his back row.

Faircloth started with Traptrix Myrmeleo, 2 Mind Crush, Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd, Pot of Duality, and Ice Hand. He Special Summoned Assault Halberd, then played Myrmeleo, which grabbed Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare from the Deck. Faircloth Xyz Summoned Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and attacked Deneb, knowing he was safe from Gallet’s Mirror Force. Faircloth Set all of his Trap Cards.

In Gallet’s Draw Phase, Mind Crush took out the Satellarknight Vega Gallet searched for earlier. That revealed his hand of Reinforcement of the Army, Altair, and Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Faircloth used his second Mind Crush to hit Altair. Ouch. Gallet played Reinforcement of the Army to get another Altair, which revived Deneb, and he purposely did not use Deneb’s effect so he could avoid the Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. He Xyz Summoned Constellar Omega and attacked Silent Honor ARK, taking off an Xyz Material.

Faircloth drew Raigeki. He played Ice Hand and attacked with it into Omega. Gallet flipped Mirror Force, then flipped Fairy Wind. Each player took 300 damage, then Mirror Force destroyed Ice Hand and took Silent Honor Ark’s last Xyz Material. With nothing to target, Ice Hand couldn’t use its effect. In Main Phase 2, Faircloth used Pot of Duality to add Fire Hand to his hand.

Gallet played Thunder King Rai-Oh. He had Constellar Omega destroy Silent Honor ARK, and Rai-Oh left Faircloth with 5200 Life Points.

Jesse Gallet

Faircloth drew Star Seraph Sovereignty. He played Fire Hand and attacked Rai-Oh with it, and its effect took out Constellar Omega. He Special Summoned Ice Hand in Defense Position. Then, he took out Rai-Oh with Raigeki.

Gallet Set his only two cards to the back row.

Faircloth drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He sent Ice Hand to attack directly, dropping Gallet to 5700. He Set his Typhoon. In the End Phase, Gallet used his own Mystical Space Typhoon to hit the card that had gone unused for several turns, so he knew it to be Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Then, he used Call of the Haunted to revive Altair, which got Deneb, which then searched for another Altair.

In Gallet’s Draw Phase, Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed the Call of the Haunted and took out Altair. Gallet simply played his second Altair and revived Vega. Deneb and Altair attacked directly, then Gallet Xyz Summoned Stellarknight Triverr! It took out the Sovereignty in Faircloth’s hand.


Faircloth drew Solemn Warning, but with no other cards it was all over a moment later!

Duel 3

Faircloth decided to have Gallet play first. He started with Satellarknight Deneb searching for Satellarknight Vega. He Set two to his back row.

Faircloth began with Mind Crush, Star Seraph Sovereignty, Ice Hand, 2 Mystical Space Typhoon, and Traptrix Myrmeleo. He used his Typhoons to hit Ring of Destruction and Mirror Force, then played Myrmeleo to grab Bottomless Trap Hole for the first time this Match. Myrmeleo took out Deneb, and Faircloth Set his Trap Cards.

Faircloth flipped Mind Crush to hit Satellarknight Altair, also revealing Galet’s hand of Thunder King Rai-Oh, Satellarknight Vega, and Fairy Wind. Gallet played Rai-Oh and it fell into the Bottomless Trap Hole. He Set the Fairy Wind to his back row.

Faircloth drew a second Ice Hand. He played it and attacked with Myrmeleo and Ice Hand, then Xyz Summoned Lavalval Chain. Its effect put Star Seraph Scepter on top of his Deck.

Gallet played Vega Special Summoned Satellarknight Unukalhai from his hand, and it sent Deneb to the Graveyard. Gallet Xyz Summoned Tellarknight Ptolemaeus in Defense Position. In the End Phase, he attached Stellarknight Constellar Diamond to it as an Xyz Material.

Faircloth drew the Star Seraph Scepter he’d topdecked before. He played Scepter, and activated the Sovereignty from his hand as well as Scepter’s effect. Scepter searched out another Sovereignty, then the first one was Summoned. With that, the new Sovereignty was able to be Special Summoned as well. Both Sovereignty effects let Faircloth draw Thunder King Rai-Oh and Vanity’s Emptiness. He stacked his Star Seraphs for Stellarknight Delteros. Scepter’s effect destroyed Omega and let him draw Call of the Haunted, then Delteros destroyed Fairy Wind. Delteros and Lavalval Chain attacked directly, and he Set Call of the Haunted and Vanity’s Emptiness, but that was just overkill – Gallet drew his last card and conceded!

Delteros sits in two chairs

Brendan Faircloth is the winner, thanks to his Startrix Deck!

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