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Round 6 Feature Match: Grayson Montanaro versus Zachary Hullinger

June 28th, 2015

Grayson Montanaro is a Georgia Duelist, packing a Masked HERO Deck for today’s tournament. He’s facing off against Zachary Hullinger, who’s using a 50-card Shaddoll Deck that’s also packing a suite of Star Seraphs.

Duel 1

Hullinger won the die roll and chose to play second. Montanaro started things off with Reinforcement of the Army, adding Elemental HERO Shadow Mist to his hand. He Set a monster and four to his back row.

Hullinger’s hand was Shaddoll Beast, Artifact Lancea, Effect Veiler, Allure of Darkness, El Shaddoll Fusion, and Star Seraph Scepter. He played Scepter, adding Star Seraph Sovereignty to his hand. Scepter attacked Montanaro’s Set Shadow Mist, then Hullinger played El Shaddoll Fusion, but it was negated by Solemn Warning. He played Allure of Darkness next, drawing Mathematician and Effect Veiler, and banishing Shaddoll Beast. In the End Phase, Montanaro used Call of the Haunted to revive Shadow Mist, adding Mask Change to his hand.

Zachary Hullinger

Montanaro played Mask Change on his turn, upgrading Shadow Mist into Masked HERO Dark Law! Shadow Mist gave him Elemental HERO Bubbleman. Dark Law destroyed Scepter, and Montanaro Set a back row card.

Hullinger drew Star Seraph Scepter. He played it and tried using his Sovereignty from his hand, but lost it to Mind Crush! Scepter’s effect still resolved though, adding another Sovereignty to his hand. That triggered Dark Law’s effect, and Hullinger lost an Effect Veiler.

Montanaro sent Dark Law to destroy Scepter.

Hullinger drew Call of the Haunted, with nothing in his Graveyard thanks to Dark Law. He passed.

Montanaro played Shadow Mist, then Set a card to his back row, and finally Special Summoned Elemental HERO Bubbleman! He Xyz Summoned Heroic Champion – Excalibur, and the Duel was over!

R6 G1 End

Masked HERO Dark Law shuts down any and every chance at Hullinger making a comeback!

Duel 2

Hullinger opted to play second again. Montanaro played Goblindbergh and Shadow Mist, and got Mask Change with Shadow Mist’s effect. He Set three to his back row.

Hullinger had Mathematician, De-Fusion, El Shaddoll Fusion, Dark Hole, Mistake, and Vanity’s Emptiness. He played Dark Hole, and Shadow Mist’s effect added Bubbleman to Montanaro’s hand. Hullinger played Mathematician, sending Shaddoll Hedgehog to the Graveyard, which in turn added Shaddoll Squamata to his hand. Mathematician attacked directly, then Hullinger Set all of his Spell and Trap Cards.

Montanaro Special Summoned Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd from his hand, then played Goblindbergh, prompting Hullinger to flip Vanity’s Emptiness. Hullinger then Chained El Shaddoll Fusion, and Montanaro Chained Mind Crush to get rid of the Squamata in Hullinger’s hand! Squamata’s effect sent Shaddoll Beast to the Graveyard, letting Hullinger draw Dark Hole, and Vanity’s Emptiness was destroyed. Montanaro Special Summoned Bubbleman from his hand and flipped Mask Change to bring forth Masked HERO Acid! Acid’s effect destroyed Hullinger’s back row, and Hullinger responded with De-Fusion to get rid of Acid. Assault Halberd attacked Mathematician – Montanaro searched out another Assault Halberd, and Hullinger drew Shaddoll Beast with his Mathematician’s effect. Goblindbergh attacked directly.

Hullinger drew Shaddoll Fusion. He played Dark Hole, but had no other moves.

Montanaro played Assault Halberd and attacked directly, searching out the final copy to his hand. He Set a card to his back row.

Hullinger drew Call of the Haunted and Set it.

Montanaro played Assault Halberd, and in the Battle Phase Hullinger used Call of the Haunted to revive Shaddoll Beast, blocking their attacks. In Main Phase 2, Montanaro stacked his Heroic Challengers for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, and sucked up Shaddoll Beast!

Hullinger drew Mistake. He played Shaddoll Fusion, sending Star Seraph Sovereignty and Shaddoll Dragon from his Deck to the Graveyard, Fusion Summoning El Shaddoll Construct! Construct activated and Shaddoll Dragon targeted a card in the back row, which was Chained – Bottomless Trap Hole to destroy Construct! Construct fell into Montanaro’s Bottomless Trap Hole, but its effect still went through: Construct sent Shaddoll Falco to the Graveyard. Falco came back through its own effect, and Hullinger Set Mistake.

Grayson Montanaro

Montanaro played Shadow Mist. He sent Silent Honor ARK to destroy Falco, which revived Shaddoll Hedgehog face-down.

Hullinger drew El Shaddoll Fusion! He flipped Hedgehog, Montanaro flipped Fiendish Chain, Hullinger responded with El Shaddoll Fusion, and Montanaro responded to that with Mask Change! He traded Shadow Mist in for Masked HERO Dark Law (immediately kicking in its banishing effect), then El Shaddoll Fusion brought out El Shaddoll Winda. Winda attacked Silent Honor ARK, which detached its Shaddoll Beast Xyz Material to survive the battle.

Montanaro sent Dark Law to wipe out Winda, and Silent Honor ARK dropped Hullinger to 1900 Life Points. Montanaro Set a card to his back row to finish.

Hullinger drew Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning! In the Draw Phase, Montanaro took a gambit with Mind Crush, calling Shaddoll Fusion! He was wrong, and lost Bubbleman from his hand. Hullinger played Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, wiping out both of Montanaro’s monsters!

Montanaro passed.

Hullinger drew Allure of Darkness. He sent Luster Soldier to attack, evening the Life Points to 1900 for each player. He Set Allure as a bluff.

Montanaro used Mask Charge, adding Mask Change and Bubbleman to his hand! He flipped Call of the Haunted to revive Shadow Mist, and stacked it with Bubbleman for Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer! Hullinger offered the handshake!

Castel laughs at your envoy

Grayson Montanaro is victorious, with his HERO Deck!

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