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Top Table Update: Top 10 Tables for Round 6!

July 4th, 2015

Here’s a look at which Duelists are Dueling at the Top 10 tables and what Decks they are playing in Round 6 of the South American WCQ.  The Nekroz Deck is dominating, but there are a number of other Decks too:

Table 1: Herrera Castro, Michael Virgilio (Qliphort) vs. Inquil Moyna, Wilfredo Teofilo (Nekroz)

Table 2: Vera Avila, Nicolas Miguel (Nekroz) vs. Aires Rego Bastos, Daniel (Nekroz)

Table 3: Thomas, Cristian (Nekroz) vs. Lopez Gamarra, Joseph Rays (Nekroz)

Table 4: Shimura, Nicolas Sebastian (Nekroz) vs. Delgado Chavarry, Santino (Nekroz)

Table 5: Jimenez Prieto, Franco (Nekroz) vs. Alva Cuadros, Jose Luis (Burning Abyss)

Table 6: Mamani Huarecallo, Heber Mauricio (Shadolls) vs. Galindo Cardenas, Jhonathan (‘tellarknights)

Table 7: Chacon Araujo, William Alejandro (Burning Abyss) vs. Lopez Raffaele, Matias (Qliphorts)

Table 8: Pena Bautista, Alexander (Shadolls) vs. Delgado Chavarry, Hector Carlos (‘tellarknights)

Table 9: Valledor, Federico Mariano (Shadolls) vs. Diaz Chiquez, Bruno Jerry (Qliphorts)

Table 10: Farfan Soto, Sergio Mauricio (Nekroz) vs. Gutierrez Ascencio, Juan Guillermo (Burning Abyss)

Overall in the WCQ, the top Decks represented are also in the Top 10 tables, but there are Ritual Beasts, Infernoids, Yosenju and HERO Decks a-plenty too.