QQ: Which Deck Did You Use This Weekend?

August 23rd, 2015

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The stakes are high here at the inaugural Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational, and Duelists competed with the best Deck they could think of in order to maximize their chances of winning the championship belt. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which Deck they decided to compete with this weekend. Check out their responses!


“Nekroz, because it can Trishula your opponent.” –Aaron Furman


“Kozmos.” –Steven Gleason


“Nekroz.” –Donovan Schneider


“Burning Abyss.” –Jarrid Centamore


“Nekroz, because I like the color blue!” –George Funk


“Tellarknights, because it’s the Deck I’m most familiar with.” –Michael Watson


“Tellarknights. They’re very consistent and I’m most comfortable with the Deck.” –Joe Frankino


“My favorite Deck: Red-Eyes!” –Brian White


“Aromage. I love plants.” –Ian Beamon


“Ritual Beasts. It’s the Deck I have the most experience with.” –Jacob Robles


There’s a wide variety of Decks competing this weekend, but only one Duelist and one Deck can take home the belt! Follow the coverage to find out the results of this weekend’s Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational!