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Round 1 Feature Match: Jarel Winston Versus Andrew Maenza

August 29th, 2015

Jarel Winston is no stranger to the Feature Match table or competitive events. He’s topped a variety of tournaments over the years – most recently an impressive 7th Place at the recent North American World Championship Qualifier. Here in Toronto he’s brought an insane 60-card Kozmo Deck that packs a ton of tricks up its sleeve like Shaddolls and Artifacts. His opponent Andrew Maenza is from Michigan and he’s piloting the brand new Igknight theme. Winston won the die roll and opted to go first.



Winston opened with Kozmo Farmgirl, Artifact Scythe, Juragedo, and two Mind Crush. He Set both copies Mind Crush and Artifact Scythe before passing his turn.


Maenza Normal Summoned Royal Magical Library. He then activated Summoner’s Art to add Igknight Margrave to his hand. Winston used Mind Crush calling the Margrave, and Maenza discarded it, revealing a hand Vanity’s Emptiness, Igknight Crusader, and Tyrant’s Throes. Winston then used his second Mind Crush to get rid of the Vanity’s Emptiness. Next, Maenza ended his turn.


Winston drew Artifact Lancea. He Normal Summoned Kozmo Farmgirl. He entered his Battle Phase and Special Summoned Juragedo to the field, gaining 1000 Life Points. Kozmo Farmgirl attacked over Royal Magical Library, and Winston paid 500 Life Points to search Kozmo Forerunner. He then banished Farmgirl to Special Summon Forerunner from his hand. Juragedo attacked for 1700, and then Winston attacked with Forerunner, tributing the Juragedo to give Forerunner 1000 ATK. That left Maenza at 1000 Life Points. Winston ended his turn.


Maenza looked at his hand of three cards and conceded the first game!




Maenza chose to go first. He kicked things off with Reinforcement of the Army to add Igknight Templar. He placed it in the Pendulum Scale, and then placed a second copy to complete the scale. He then activated one of them, destroying them both to search Igknight Margrave. He placed it in the Pendulum Scale and then Igknight Gallant, once again destroying them both to search for another Igknight Margrave. He then placed another copy of Gallant and Margrave in his Pendulum Scales and Pendulum Summoned all four of his destroyed monsters out! He overlaid his two Templars for Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight. He sent one backrow and ended.


Winston opened Emergency Teleport, Artifact Ignition, Juragedo, Shaddoll Squamata, and two Kozmo Farmgirl. In the Standby Phase, Maenza flipped up Tyrant’s Throes, tributing Margrave and Gallant to lock both player’s out of Normal or Special Summoning effect monsters. Winston responded with Artifact Ignition, targeting the Tyrant’s Throes, Maenza chained Cairngorgon to switch the target to Margrave in the Pendulum Scale, and Winston activated Emergency Teleport! The chain resolved and Winston Special Summoned Kozmo Farmgirl in defense mode and Set Artifact Scythe to his Spell and Trap Card Zone. Next, he Set Shaddoll Squamata and ended his turn. Farmgirl was banished in the End Phase due to Emergency Teleport.




Maenza attacked Shaddoll Squamata with Cairngorgon, and both monsters hit the grave. Maenza Set a monster and passed.

Winston drew Effect Veiler. He Set Kozmo Farmgirl and ended his turn.




Maenza Flip Summoned Royal Magical Library and then activated Upstart Goblin, but Winston used Effect Veiler on the Library to prevent any counters from being gained. Maenza drew and played another Upstart Goblin. He then placed Igknight Templar in the Pendulum Scale, and Pendulum Summoned two Igknight Margraves and an Igknight Gallant. Gallant attacked over Farmgirl and the Margraves struck directly.


Winston drew Kozmo Sliprider. He Set Juragedo and passed.


Maenza activated Templar’s effect to destroy itself and Gallant to search another Igknight Gallant. He activated in the Pendulum Scale, and then completed the scale with Igknight Squire. He then Pendulum Summoned one Gallant from his Extra Deck. Gallant attacked over Juragedo, and then two Margraves and the second Gallant dropped Winston to 1900 Life Points.




Winston drew Maxx “C” and quickly dove into his Side Deck. Tyrant’s Throes proved impossible to get over for Winston, and he was unable to make any plays the entire game! Could Winston get locked out in Game 3, or would Maenza open a handful of mismatched Pendulum Monsters? We’re about to find out!


Winston chose to go first. He opened with Kozmo Sliprider, Kozmotown, Shaddoll Dragon, Dark Hole, and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. He activated Kozmotown and used its effect to return Kozmo Sliprider back to the Deck and draw Artifact Ignition. He Normal Summoned Shaddoll Dragon, Set Artifact Ignition, and ended his turn.




Maenza started out with Upstart Goblin, giving Winston 1000 Life Points. He then activated Ignition Phoenix. Next, he activated Igknight Paladin and Igknight Crusader in his Pendulum Scales. Winston responded with Artifact Ignition to destroy the Crusader and Set an Artifact Scythe. Maenza then activated another Crusader in his Pendulum Zone, and then activated Ignition Phoenix targeting the Crusader. He destroyed it and added Igknight Templar to his hand. Next, he activated it in the Pendulum Scale and Pendulum Summoned out two Igknight Crusaders. He tributed them both for Light and Darkness Dragon! It attacked over Shaddoll Dragon and Maenza Set one backrow before passing.


Winston drew El Shaddoll Fusion. Winston Set Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and ended.




Maenza Pendulum Summoned two Igknight Crusaders. Light and Darkness Dragon attacked over Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and the two Crusaders hit directly for 3200.


Winston drew a second El Shaddoll Fusion! It was completely useless without any Shaddolls in his hand, and he passed his turn with no actions.




Maenza attacked with his three monsters to take the Match! Igknights triumph over Winston’s 60-card Kozmo Deck, and Maenza starts off his day with an undefeated record. I’m sure we’ll see tons more of both these Decks as the weekend continues.