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Top 16 Feature Match: Uzoukwu Onwunmelu Versus Desmond Johnson

August 31st, 2015

Here in the Top 16 we’re about to see Chicago’s Uzoukwu Onwunmelu take on Atlanta’s Desmond Johnson! Both competitors are widely recognizable, and both would love to add a YCS title to their lists of accomplishments.


Onwunmelu Summoned Satellarknight Deneb to search Satellarknight Vega. He Set three cards to his back row.


Johnson opened with a hand of Senju of the Thousand Hands; Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands; Great Sorcerer of the Nekroz; Nekroz Mirror; Reinforcement of the Army; and Nekroz of Valkyrus. He Summoned Senju, but lost it to Stellarnova Alpha. Johnson searched his Deck for Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz with Reinforcement, then activated Nekroz Mirror pitching Shurit to Summon Valkyrus. He activated Shurit’s effect and Onwunmelu Chained Torrential Tribute, destroying Nekroz. Johnson grabbed Nekroz of Brionac with Shurit’s ability, then pitched it for Dance Princess of the Nekroz.


He banished Mirror and Brionac to get Nekroz Cycle from his Deck, and activated Cycle for Nekroz of Valkyrus, Tributing Great Sorcerer. The Great Sorcerer and Dance Princess effects got him Brionac and Unicore from his Deck, and Johnson attacked with Valkyrus to knock Onwunmelu down to 5100 Life Points.


Onwunmelu Summoned Satellarknight Vega, activating its effect to Summon Satellarknight Altair. That revived Satellarknight Deneb, which searched another Altair from his Deck. He Xyz Summoned Stellarknight Triverr, activating its effect first to clear the field, and next to send Johnson’s Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands from his hand to the Graveyard. Onwunmelu attacked with Triverr, Johnson dropped to 5900 Life Points, and Onwunmelu overlaid Triverr with Stellarknight Constellar Diamond. He Set three cards to his backrow.


Johnson drew Reinforcement of the Army and spent a few moments reading Onwunmelu’s Triverr. He pitched Brionac to fetch Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz, then banished Cycle and Great Sorcerer from his Graveyard to search Nekroz Kaleidoscope. He got Nekroz of Clausolas with Reinforcement of the Army next, ditching that to get Nekroz Cycle. He discarded Nekroz of Catastor to Special Summon back his Shurit, then Cycled it off to revive his Brionac. “Activate Shurit.” He got Nekroz of Trishula with Shurit’s effect, but Onwunmelu banished his Brionac with Bottomless Trap Hole.


Johnson banished Clausolas and Cycle next to search his Deck for Nekroz Mirror, then activated it, banishing Catastor and Dance Princess from his Graveyard for Nekroz of Trishula. Onwunmelu negated its effect and destroyed it with Stellarnova Alpha. That left Johnson free to Nekroz Kaleidoscope for Nekroz of Valkyrus and Nekroz of Unicore with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! He attacked with Unicore for a direct shot, and when he attacked with Valkyrus, Onwunmelu activated Call of the Haunted to revive Vega. That let him Special Summon Satellarknight Altair to the field, which revived Deneb, and let Onwunmelu search his Deck for another Altair. Johnson attacked over Vega to drop Onwunmelu to 1100 Life Points.


Onwunmelu got Satellarknight Deneb with Reinforcement of the Army, then Summoned Vega, Altair, and Deneb to get another Satellarknight Unukalhai.




Onwunmelu overlaid for Stellarknight Delteros, attacked over Unicore, and destroyed Valkyrus with Delteros’ effect in Main Phase 2. Onwunmelu overlaied his last two Xyz Materials in Main Phase 2 to Xyz Summon Abyss Dweller, and set a backrow.


Johnson drew Performage Trick Clown and Onwunmelu blasted him with Abyss Dweller’s effect in the draw phase. He Set the Trick Clown; not ideal under threat of Abyss Dweller, but Johnson just needed to survive. When Onwunmelu flipped Oasis of Dragon Souls Johnson was scooping straight to Game 2.




Double Stellarnova Alpha let Onwunmelu shut Johnson down in the first Duel, leaving him cardless and vulnerable in the late game. The pressure was on: one more win would see Onwunmelu make the Top 8, and would knock Johnson out of the tournament.


“Who’s going first?” asked Onwunmelu.


“You are,” replied Johnson. “Good luck.” He offered a handshake, which Onwunmelu returned.


Onwunmelu Set four backrows.


Johnson had Nekroz Cycle; Nekroz Mirror; Reinforcement of the Army; Effect Veiler; Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz; and Dance Princess of the Nekroz. He searched Nekroz of Clausolas with his Reinforcement of the Army. He pitched that to get Nekroz Mirror, then Set Shurit, Tributing it off for Cycle. That let him Ritual Summon Clausolas in Defense Position, and Shurit searched him Nekroz of Brionac from his Deck. Johnson pitched it to get Nekroz of Valkyrus, then activated Nekroz Mirror to banish Shurit and Summon Valkyrus. When he tried to activate its effect Onwunmelu tied Valkyrus down with Fiendish Chain. “Pass turn.”


Onwunmelu passed back.


Johnson drew Performage Trick Clown and Normal Summoned Effect Veiler. He Tuned it to Clausolas for Herald of the Arc Light in defense mode.


Onwunmelu Set a fifth backrow.


Johnson drew Performage Damage Juggler and tried to Summon Trick Clown, but Onwunmelu denied him with Solemn Warning. Johnson activated Trick Clown’s effect to bring it back to the field. That was a mistake.


Onwunmelu passed.


Johnson drew Reinforcement of the Army and Normal Summoned Performage Damage Juggler. “This is where it goes down.” He paused. “Maybe. I’m not sure.” He overlaid the two Performages, thumbed through his Extra Deck, and when he Xyz Summoned Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer Onwunmelu conceded.




A regrettable activation of Solemn Warning on Performage Trick Clown costs Onwunmelu Game 2, as a trap-heavy hand just fails to produce any aggression. One more Duel would decide the winner of the Match! Another handshake started the last game.


Johnson had Mystical Space Typhoon; Nekroz of Brionac; Royal Decree; Foolish Burial; and Nekroz Kaleidoscope. He Set everything but Brionac and Foolish, then activated Brionac’s effect to get Nekroz of Unicore.


Onwunmelu Summoned Satellarknight Vega, activated its effect, and Summoned Satellarknight Deneb. It got him Satellarknight Altair, and Onwunmelu attacked with both for a combined total of 2700 damage. He overlaid in Main Phase 2 for Tellarknight Ptolemaeus, Set two backrows, and moved to his End Phase where he attached to Stellarknight Constellar Diamond to Ptolemaeus as an Xyz Material.


Johnson drew Senju of the Thousand Hands. He moved to his Standby Phase and Onwunmelu used Ptolemaeus’ effect to Rank it up into Constellar Pleiades. Johnson flipped Nekroz Kaleidoscope; Onwunmelu Chained Vanity’s Emptiness; Johnson flipped Royal Decree in a bid to negate Emptiness; Onwunmelu flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to try and get Decree off the field; Johnson Chained his Mystical Space Typhoon to threaten Emptiness that way; and finally, Onwunmelu Chained Pleiades’ effect to recover his Emptiness, then dropped Maxx “C” as a substitute.




Would Johnson be deterred? Nope! He Summoned Unicore with Nekroz Kaleidoscope and Herald of the Arc Light, searching his Deck for Brionac. He pitched it to get Shurit, Normal Summoned Senju to search Nekroz of Clausolas, then pitched that for Nekroz Cycle. Time was called. Johnson Cycled away Shurit to revive Brionac, then searched Nekroz of Trishula with Shurit’s effect. He bumped away Pleides with Brionac, activated Foolish Burial to send Performage Damage Juggler to the Graveyard, and banished it to search Hat Tricker.


He Special Summoned it, overlaid Unicore and Hat Tricker for Performage Trapeze Magician, detached to make Brionac a double attacker, and attacked for game with everything!




Desmond Johnson is going to the Top 8!