Top Tables Update: Round 6

August 30th, 2015

Here at YCS Toronto innovation has been everywhere. The new Performage monsters have been splashed into almost every deck imaginable, and a variety of Clash of Rebellions cards have found themselves in tons of different strategies. To understand just how prevalent these cards are it’s a good idea to glance at the Top 10 tables as of Round 6. Here’s what the players with the best records are playing headed into the Sixth Round!


Table 1: Mathew Beckford (Ritual Beast) vs Luca Choi (Performage Shaddoll)

Table 2: Patrick James (Performage Nekroz) vs Alexander Bossio (Performage Shaddoll)

Table 3: Matthew Aube (Nekroz) vs Michael Ouellette (Performage Shaddoll)

Table 4: Barret Keys (Nekroz) vs Chase Cunningham (Burning Abyss)

Table 5: Jack Ran (Nekroz) vs David Bui (Nekroz)

Table 6: Quang Pham (Nekroz) vs Yuhang Li (Qliphort)

Table 7: Jeffery Jones (Performage Shaddoll) vs Jovany Martinez (Infernoid)

Table 8: Charles Easton (Star Seraph Shaddoll) vs Thomas Ruetch (Performage Shaddoll)

Table 9: Bradly McLean (Satellarknight) vs Andrei Zlotchevski (Ritual Beast)

Table 10: Matthew Chicas (Performage Shaddoll) vs Eric Dalton (Nekroz Shaddoll)