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Welcome to the Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational!

August 22nd, 2015

Welcome to the Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS) Invitational – Summer 2015! Duelists who have amassed 100 or more UDS points by participating in or judging official Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME tournaments are now gathered here in the Philadelphia Convention Center to prove that they are the ULTIMATE Duelist!


Only ONE Duelist at a time can hold the title of “Ultimate Duelist,” and with that awesome title comes a bunch of incredible prizes, including a beautiful Ultimate Duelist Championship Belt, travel and accommodations to the next Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational, a cool new Game Mat, Winner Pin and an Ultra Rare Prize Card!


But winning this weekend’s Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational won’t be easy. All Duelists present this weekend are here to prove that they’re the best, and only after 10 Swiss Rounds and 3 Single Elimination Rounds will the Ultimate Duelist be determined.


Welcome to the inaugural Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational!


(For more information about the Ultimate Duelist Series, click here!)