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YCS Toronto Round 5 Feature Match: Ricky Lee Versus Matthew Beckford

August 30th, 2015

Ricky Lee came from Michigan today with his Qliphort Deck and he’s currently undefeated. His build includes the new Wavering Eyes as well as some lockdown tech in the Main Deck like Majesty’s Fiend. His opponent is Matthew Beckford and he’s brought his Ritual Beast Deck today. Will Lee’s traps be enough to stop Beckford’s combos? We’re about to find out. Ricky won the die roll and opted to go second.


Beckford opened with Ritual Beast Tamer Elder, and then he Normal Summoned Spiritual Beast Rampengu. He banished Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk to send Spiritual Beast Cannahawk to his grave. He Special Summoned Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk and then used both its effects to return the banished Ulti-Cannahawk to the grave, Special Summon his two monsters back, adding Ritual Beast Steeds, and then he used Rampengu again to send a Spiritual Beast Apelio to the grave. He Special Summoned Ulti-Cannahawk again and used its effect to search Ritual Beast Ambush. He Set three backrow and passed.


Lee opened with Upstart Goblin, Re-Qliate, Book of Moon, Wavering Eyes, Qliphort Helix, and Fiendish Chain. He used Upstart to draw another one, and then played it to draw Raigeki. He Normal Summoned Qliphort Helix and attacked Ulti-Cannahawk. Beckford chained Ritual Beast Steeds to destroy the Helix. Lee then activated Raigeki. He Set everything except Wavering Eyes and passed. In the End Phase Beckford used Ritual Beast Ambush to Special Summon Cannahawk and Elder from his grave.

Beckford activated Spiritual Beast Cannahawk but was met with Fiendish Chain. He banished both his monsters for Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio. He attacked for 2600 directly. He then used its effect to put itself back into the Extra Deck and Special Summon out Elder and Cannahawk. Lee activated Book of Moon to flip Spiritual Beast Cannahawk face-down. Beckford banished his two monsters in Main Phase 2 to bring out Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk. He returned Cannahawk and Elder to his grave to add Ritual Beast Steeds to his hand. He Set three cards and ended.




Lee drew Qliphort Helix. He Normal Summoned it and flipped up Re-Qliate, boosting it to 2400 ATK. It attacked Ulti-Cannahawk and when Beckford flipped up Ritual Beast Steeds Lee conceded immediately, diving into his Side Deck. Lee opted to go second.


Beckford opened with Dimensional Fissure, and then Normal Summoned Spiritual Beast Apelio. He Set three backrow and passed.


Lee opened with two Majesty’s Fiend, Raigeki, Fiendish Chain, Qliphort Helix, and Upstart Goblin. He used Upstart Goblin to draw Vanity’s Emptiness. He Normal Summoned Helix and then used Raigeki. Helix attacked directly for 1800, and Lee Set his two traps before passing.


Beckford Set a backrow and passed.


Lee drew Qliphort Scout. He activated it and then paid 800 but was met with Beckford’s Twister. Helix attacked for 1800, dropping Beckford to 4900. Lee then tributed Helix for Majesty’s Fiend and ended his turn.




Beckford drew and passed.


Lee drew The Monarchs Stormforth. Majesty’s Fiend attacked directly and Lee passed.


Beckford Set a monster and a spell or trap.


Lee drew Wavering Eyes. Majesty’s Fiend attacked over a Spiritual Beast Rampengu.


Beckford drew his next card and announced it’d be going to a third game. He was completely locked down by Majesty’s Fiend, and there seemed to be no Ritual Beast Steeds in sight!


Beckford went first. He started things off by Normal Summoning Elder, and then Normal Summoning Apelio. He brought out Ulti-Cannahawk and returned his monsters to the grave to search Ritual Beast Ambush. He Set four backrow cards and passed.


Lee opened with Qliphort Helix, Upstart Goblin, Solemn Warning, Summoner’s Art, Qliphort Disk, and Wavering Eyes. He used Summoner’s Art but Beckford had Mistake! Next he used Upstart Goblin to get another Summoner’s Art – not what he wanted to see. He then Normal Summoned Qliphort Helix and attacked the Ulti-Cannahawk but was stopped by Ritual Beast Steeds. He Set Solemn Warning, Summoner’s Art, and Wavering Eyes. Beckford used Ritual Beast Ambush in the End Phase to bring back his monsters and then banished Ambush with Apelio.


Beckford used Apelio to banish Ritual Beast Steeds. He Banished Apelio and Elder to Special Summon Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio, but Lee used Solemn Warning to negate the Special Summon. Next, Beckford banished Ulti-Cannahawk to return Apelio and Elder to the field, and then banished them to Special Summon another Ulti-Apelio. It attacked directly, dropping Lee to 3400. Beckford Set another backrow and ended his turn.




Lee drew Qliphort Carrier. He Normal Summoned Carrier and passed. Beckford banished Ulti-Apelio to bring out Apelio and Elder in the End Phase.


Beckford banished his two monsters for Ulti-Apelio again. He attacked over Qliphort Carrier for 800 damage. He Set another backrow and ended.


Lee drew Saqlifice. He Normal Summoned Qliphort Disk and equipped the Saqlifice to it, but Beckford had the Twister to stop it, though, so Ricky ended his turn. Beckford banished his monster to bring back Apelio and Elder.


Beckford brought out Ulti-Apelio again and attacked over Disk. He Set one a passed.


Lee drew Majesty’s Fiend and extended the handshake!