Reunited with the Coronels!

September 6th, 2015

We first met the Coronel family at the Central American WCQ in Mexico, DF. They were a family of father and two sons, with the father, Juan Carlos, taking the Mexican National Champion title and older son, Juan Carlos Jr. and younger son, Daniel Isai, taking the Mexican Dragon Duel Champion title and runner-up in Dragon Duel Championship, respectively. Juan Carlos, Jr., went so far as to represent Central America in the World Championship in Kyoto, Japan, that took place in August.

All 3 of them are back at the YCS – Monterrey, and we took the chance to catch up with them. All 3 are playing in the Main Event. Juan Carlos, Jr. has aged out, but Daniel Isai, who still qualifies, decided to try it out in the Main Event and see what happened!

Juan Carlos Jr., 13 years old, is playing his Nekroz Deck. After roun 6, he is up 13 points. Daniel Isai, his younger brother, is playing his Burning Abyss Deck, and currently has 12 points.

Juan Carlos, the father, is playing Qliphorts, and currently has 9 points in the Main Event.

We asked Juan Carlos (both dad and Junior) what their experience was like at the 2015 Yu-G-Oh! World Championship in Kyoto, Japan. How was your experience at the World Championship in Japan? Excellent! It was a great experience. Konami was great and gave us the support we needed. We especially want to thank Victor Henao. Overall, it was an unbelievable experience. What impression did you take from the World Championship? It was a much larger event than we expected. It makes you grow as a Duelist. You can meet with great players that are now great friends. It would be amazing to live this experience again. What are your goals for this season? Go to the World Championship again and repeat all the achievements we had last year like win Nationals and the Continentals. Do you have anything to say for the up and coming Duelists? Yes, have fun playing, make sure you build friendships because you will meet great and amazing people playing this game. Any comments? There is no difference in levels when you reach the World Championship, it all comes down to how well you build your Deck. Japan has a very interesting culture, we did not want to come back home!

Well, we hope to see you at the World Championship again next year!