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QQ: Which Deck Are You Using This Weekend?

October 4th, 2015

QQ stands for Quick Questions! There’s a diverse field of Decks competing this weekend, including Satellarknights, Shaddolls, Burning Abyss, Nekroz, Kozmos, and more! I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to find out which Deck they chose to compete with this weekend, and to find out why they chose that Deck over all others. Check out their responses!


“Burning Abyss.” –Christopher Nye


“I’m using Nekroz this weekend. I’m a big fan of how the Deck is designed and operates.” –Nicholas Kioutas


“Kozmos.” –Emanuel Tierrablanca


“Burning Abyss.” –Nicolai Howlett


“Burning Abyss. I think it will win.” –John Wells


“I’m playing Chaos Shaddolls because I personally enjoy the Deck and it’s a competitive Deck that’s very fun.” –Brandon Baker


“Yang Zing. They’re fun!” –James Monk


“Shaddolls. It’s fun.” –Joel Garcia


“Igknights. It’s fun to play!” –Austin Gutierrez


“Gem-Knights. I love the look of them.” –Chase Brown


“Toons! It’s my favorite Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh!” –Greg Stevens


“Burning Abyss. It’s the most consistent Deck.” –Ed Elton Acepcion


“Nekroz. It has led me to victory in the past.” –Steven DeLara


“Star Seraph Shaddolls, because I use Elder Entity Norden.” –Levi Steffen


“Tellarknights. It’s the only Deck I have this weekend.” –William Bracomente


“Shaddolls. They’re purple.” –Kevin Binkney


“Yang Zings. They’re fun and competitive.” –Sandy Diaz


“PSY-Frames.” –Jimmy Dosa


There are lots of different Decks in the tournament this weekend. Which Deck would you have used if you had participated?