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Round 1 Feature Match: Donnell Washington versus Brandon Bain

October 3rd, 2015

For the first Round we have pit the Psychic Kozmo strategy against the fiery wrath of Infernoid. Donnell Washington is trying to defend his hometown and use a very disruptive Kozmo strategy packing some sweet old tech like Shrink to make sure his Kozmo Farmgirl gets through. His opponent, Brandon Bain, hails from San Antonio, Texas and has chosen to use Infernoid packing the powerful explosive Reasoning to try to accelerate him to his huge Monsters. Who will start off the day with a flawless record?

Washington won the roll and chose for Bain to go first.

Duel One:

Bain started strong with Infernoid Decatron, sending and copying Infernoid Devyaty before he passed.

Washington Bottomless Trap Hole, Fiendish Chain, Emergency Teleport, Dimensional Prison, and Kozmo Forerunner before drawing another copy of Dimensional Prison. He activated Emergency Teleport to Special Summon Kozmo Farmgirl, went to Battle Phase and declared an attack over the Infernoid and trigger the effect of Farmgil to add Kozmotown to his hand. He then banished Kozmo Farmgirl to Special Summon Kozmo Forerunner and declare a direct attack with tat as well. He then activated Kozmotown, adding Kozmo Farmgirl back to his hand and then used the effect to shuffle the Farmgirl back and draw a Kozmo Goodwitch. He Set four to his back row before ending.

Bain drew and activated Dark Hole, but that triggered the effect of Washington’s Kozmo Forerunner to Special Summon Kozmo Farmgirl in Attack Mode. Bain moved on without hesitation, banishing three Infernoids to Special Summon Infernoid Devyaty. He tried to use its effect on the Summon, prompting Washington to try to Fiendish Chain it, but Bain had Void Seer to stop it! Washington Flipped his Set Bottomless Trap Hole to get rid of the huge Infernoid, but lost the rest of his Spells and Traps in the process. His Kozmotown triggered, letting him add Kozmotown to his hand. Bain ended without any further actions.

Washington drew Dark Hole for turn and then activated Kozmotown, adding Kozmo Forerunner to his hand off of its effect, before he Normal Summoned Kozmo Goodwitch! He declared an attack with Kozmo Farmgirl, triggering her effect to add Kozmo Sliprider, and then used the effect of Kozmo Goodwitch to banish itself and Special Summon Kozmo Forerunner to attack for game!


Bain chose to go second.

Duel Two:

Washington opened with a hand of Kozmotown, Kozmo Sliprider, Kozmo Goodwitch, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, and Maxx “C”. He slammed down Kozmotown, using its effect to shuffle back his two Kosmos to draw Bottomless Trap Hole and a second copy of Maxx “C”. He Set both of his traps before ending.

Bain drew and passed with nothing to do on his first turn!

Washington drew Kozmo Goodwitch and pondered his options. He ultimately decided to Normal Summon it, declare a direct attack, and then end.

Bain drew but during his Standby Phase, Washington chose to use Maxx “C” to try to find some more action if Bain chose to go off. Bain chose to Normal Summon Infernoid Decatron, using its effect to send Infernoid Antra and copy it. Bain took a while to consider his next move, and chose to simply bounce away Kozmotown with the copied Infernoid Antra effect before using Dark Hole to clear away both Monsters. Bain Special Summoned Infernoid Seitsemas next and when Washington tried to use Bottomless Trap Hole to get it off the table, Bain had Void Seer to protect it! He declared a direct attack before ending.

Washington drew Terraforming for turn and used it to add a second copy of Kozmotown to his hand. He activated it and then Set Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare before he decided to end his turn.

Bain drew and declared an attack with Infernoid Seitsemas.

Washington drew Dimensional Prison but still didn’t have any real action, and was forced to just Set it and end.

Bain drew and Normal Summoned Card Trooper, sending Infernoid Decatron, Infernoid Antra, and Jinzo to the Graveyard to pump it up to 1900 ATK. He declared an attack with the Card Trooper but when he tried to declare an attack with Infernoid Seitsemas, Washington Flipped his Set Dimensional Prison prompting Bain to respond with the effect of Seitsemas, tributing itself to banish his opponents Maxx “C” from the Graveyard.

Washington drew Vanity’s Emptiness but without any real way to muster an offense to comeback, condeded.

Both Duelists tensed up as they shuffled for the final game. They shared a strong handshake and wishes each other luck.

Washington chose to go second in the last game.

Duel Three

Bain had another unimpressive start, Setting a single back row before passing.

Washington had a hand of Kozmo Sliprunner, Shrink, Retaliating “C”, Terraforming, and Kozmotown. He drew Torrential Tribute for turn, then used his Terraforming to find another copy Kozmotown. He activated it and shuffled the Kozmo Sliprunner back into the Deck and drew Maxx “C”. He Set Torrential Tribute and Shrink before he ended.

Bain drew and still couldn’t do much, Setting another back row.

Washington drew Thunder King Rai-Oh! He tried to Normal Summon it but Bain had Torrential Tribute to wash it away.

Bain drew and took a long hard look at his hand before he banished an Infernoid from his hand to Special Summon Infernoid Antra. He used its effect to bounce away Kozmotown, and then tributed it away for Jinzo! The mighty Machine rumbled in for 2400 and Bain ended.

Washington drew another copy of Maxx “C”, then made the difficult decision of Normal Summoning Retaliating “C” and declared an attack into Jinzo using Shrink to get over it. Washington activate Kozmotown before ending.

Bain drew and tried to Normal Summon Infernoid Decatron, but Washington had Torrential Tribute to blow it and the Retaliating “C” away. The “C” triggered, letting him add another copy of Maxx “C”. Bain passed.

Washington drew Kozmo Forerunner and used Kozmotown to shuffle it back, drawing Dark Hole. He Set it and ended.

Bain drew and Washington used Maxx “C” during his Standby Phase. Bain moved on, Normal Summoned Card Trooper, using its effect to send Infernoid Seitsemas, Burial from a D.D., and Infernoid Patrulea. He banished two Infernoids from his Graveyard to Special Summon Seitsemas, allowing Washington to draw Kozmo Goodwitch, and made direct attacks with both before ending.

Washington drew Dark Hole for turn. He Flipped his Set one, blowing away both Card Trooper and Infernoid Seitsemas, but the Card Trooper let Bain draw a card. Washington then used the effect of Kozmotown to shuffle the Kozmo Goodwitch back and draw Dimensional Prison. He Set Maxx “C”, Dimensional Prison, and Dark Hole before he ended.

Bain drew and snapped down Raigeki…but all Washington lost was his Set Maxx “C”. Bain Normal Summoned Infernoid Decatron next, using its effect to send Infernoid Patruelea to the Graveyard. He used the copied effect of Infernoid Patruelea to snipe Washington’s Set Dimensional Prison! He Special Summoned Infernoid Seitsemas from his hand and that was enough damage to finish the Duel!


After such a strong showing in the first game, Donnell Washington’s Kozmo Deck just fell flat to the power of Infernoid Decatron in the following Duels allowing Brandon Bain to move on 1-0!