YCS Dallas First-Timers!

October 3rd, 2015

While there are a ton of experienced Duelists out and about today, not everyone in the room has attended a YCS prior to this one. I scoured the tournament floor searching for those who have made the exciting first step into the scene!


12-year-old Tripp Milliken is from Fort Worth, Texas and looking to have a dominating performance this weekend. He has chosen to Duel with Kozmos for the tournament, a very strong Psychic archetype released from Clash of Rebellions. His favorite part of the event thus far has been the general energy of everyone who is excited to Duel, along with seeing all of his friends from his local area.


12-year-old David Anaya has made the trip from College Station, Texas and super excited to be here this weekend. He said that the thing he was most excited about was seeing all of the other Duelists because it gets him really pumped. He has chosen to Duel with a HERO Deck this weekend, giving a big shout out to Contrast HERO Chaos.


11-year-old Kenneth Rios is trying to defend his home town Dallas, Texas this weekend. He is playing his own creative Deck, utilizing the power of none other than Red-Eyes B. Dragon. His favorite aspect of the event has been seeing all of the vendors and the availability of cards. He is with his three other friends who are all also YCS First Timers, so they’re bound to have a good time!