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Dragon Duel Championship: Nicholas Hernandez versus Lilian Gil

November 9th, 2015

It all comes down to this! Nicholas Hernandez won Saturday’s Dragon Duel tournament, securing his place here today. Lilian Gil took second yesterday, but came back to win it today. Now, they must face off to see who is truly the Dragon Duel Champion! Both of these Duelists are from Murillo Digital Systems in Hawthorne, CA, and likely already know what Deck the other will be using!


Duel 1

Hernandez won the die roll, and chose Gil to play first. She played Satellarknight Deneb, searching for Satellarknight Altair. She Set two to her back row.

Hernandez began with Kozmo Strawman, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Kozmoll Wickedwitch, 2 Kozmotown, and Kozmo DOG Fighter. He played Kozmotown, using it to return Strawman and draw Honest. He played Wickedwitch and sent her to attack Deneb, dealing 400 damage. Next, he banished Wickedwitch to Special Summon DOG Fighter from his hand. It attacked into Mirror Force, and DOG Fighter Special Summoned Kozmo Sliprider from the Deck. Sliprider destroyed Gil’s Breakthrough Skill and attacked directly.

Gil played Altair, bringing Deneb back to the field. She searched for Satellarknight Vega. Next, she Xyz Summoned Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer in Defense Position, with Castel putting Kozmotown back in the Deck. She Set one to her back row.

Lilian Gil

Hernandez drew Raigeki. He played his second Kozmotown, using it to get Wickedwitch back to his hand. He played Rai-Oh, and it was hit by Fiendish Chain. He used Kozmotown to trade his Wickedwitch for Torrential Tribute. Sliprider destroyed Castel in battle, and Hernandez Set Torrential Tribute and Raigeki.

Gil played Vega, Special Summoned Altair, and Special Summoned Deneb. When Deneb hit the board, Hernandez flipped Torrential Tribute! Deneb still got Altair to Gil’s hand. Sliprider’s destruction let it Special Summon Wickedwitch.

Hernandez drew Kozmo Farmgirl! He played it and attacked directly, using it to get Kozmo Forerunner in his hand. Wickedwitch attacked directly as well. He banished Farmgirl to Special Summon Forerunner, and its attack ended the first Duel!

Duel 2

Gil chose to play first, and she began with Reinforcement of the Army, into Deneb, into Altair. She Set four to her back row.

Hernandez’s hand was 2 Emergency Teleport, Kozmo DOG Fighter, Kozmotown, Anti-Magic Arrows, and Honest. He played Teleport, getting Farmgirl. He moved to the Battle Phase, Gil used Fiendish Chain, and Hernandez Chained Farmgirl’s effect to Special Summon DOG Fighter. It destroyed Deneb in battle, then he played his second Teleport to get a new Farmgirl. Gil used Oasis of Dragon Souls to bring Deneb back in Defense Position, and searched for Vega. Farmgirl destroyed Deneb in battle. In Main Phase 2, he played Kozmotown and used it to get back his banished Farmgirl. He Set Anti-Magic Arrows to finish.

DOG Fighter Special Summoned a DOG Fighter Token. Gil played Vega, which Special Summoned Altair, which Special Summoned Deneb, which searched for Altair. She stacked her three monsters for Stellarknight Triverr! It bounced away the field, then made Hernandez discard DOG Fighter from his hand. Triverr attacked directly, and Gil Set four to her back row.

Hernandez drew another Kozmotown. He played Farmgirl and attacked Triverr, using Honest to try to win the battle. Gil used Stellarnova Alpha to Tribute Triverr, negating Honest and drawing a card. When Triverr hit the Graveyard, it revived Altair. That brought back Deneb, which searched for Satellarknight Alsahm. In Main Phase 2, Hernandez played Kozmotown to get Farmgirl back, returning it to the Deck to draw Kozmoll Wickedwitch. He Set Anti-Magic Arrows.

Gil played Alsahm, dealing 1000 damage. She stacked her three monsters for another Stellarknight Triverr! She cleared the field, and made Hernandez discard a Kozmotown. She Set four to her back row yet again, and attacked directly.

Hernandez drew Torrential Tribute, and lost his Farmgirl to Gil’s Mind Crush! He played Kozmotown and Wickedwitch, and Set Torrential Tribute and Anti-Magic Arrows.

Triverr attacked Wickedwitch, and Hernandez used his witch’s effect to keep it on the field. He now had only 1000 Life Points, to Gil’s 7500.

Hernandez drew Kozmo Forerunner. He went to the Battle Phase, and activated Anti-Magic Arrows… but when Gil wanted to read it to make sure she could use monster effects, Hernandez figured Gil probably had Honest in her hand. He passed.

Gil played Altair, which revived Deneb. It activated, Hernandez flipped Torrential Tribute, and Wickedwitch banished itself. It Special Summoned Kozmo Forerunner, then all monsters were destroyed, and Deneb searched for Alsahm. Forerunner’s destruction let it bring out Kozmo Sliprider, but it was all over a moment later when Call of the Haunted let Gil play Alsahm for the last 1000 damage!

Duel 3

Gil began with Reinforcement of the Army for Deneb, and played that for Altair. She Set two to her back row.

Hernandez had Kozmotown, Wickedwitch, Sliprider, Forerunner, Honest, and Vanity’s Emptiness. As he drew his card, Gil flipped Imperial Iron Wall! Hernandez played Kozmotown, trading his ships for Kozmo Goodwitch and Emergency Teleport. He went to the Battle Phase, and used Emergency Teleport to Special Summon Farmgirl. It attacked Deneb, and Honest let it win the battle. Hernandez searched for Sliprider with Farmgirl’s effect. In Main Phase 2, he used Farmgirl to Tribute Summon Sliprider and destroyed Imperial Iron Wall! He Set Vanity’s Emptiness to finish.

Nicholas Hernandez

But Gil flipped a second Imperial Iron Wall on her turn! She played Altair, but Vanity’s Emptiness stopped its effect. She Set one to her back row.

Hernandez drew Kozmo DOG Fighter. He returned it and Goodwitch to the Deck with Kozmotown, getting Forerunner and Kozmo Strawman. He played Wickedwitch and moved to the Battle Phase. Sliprider took out Altair, and Wickedwitch attacked directly.

Gil played Alsahm to deal 1000 Life Points. She Set another card to her back row.

Hernandez drew Farmgirl. He returned Strawman and Forerunner to the Deck with Kozmotown, and drew Mystical Space Typhoon and Raigeki! Gil attempted to use Mind Crush, declaring Kozmo Dark Destroyer, but Hernandez didn’t have it! She lost the last card in her hand to her own Mind Crush. Farmgirl attacked directly, and searched for Forerunner. Mystical Space Typhoon popped the Imperial Iron Wall, and Hernandez was free to swing in with all of his monsters!

Nicholas Hernandez is your YCS San Jose Dragon Duel Champion!