First-timers at a YCS

November 28th, 2015

We asked some first-timers, how they’re liking their very first YCS!

12-year-old Henrique Balloni, is really enjoying the event, but a bit nervous since it’s his first time Dueling in such a large event.


Same for 16-year-old Nicholas Taylor, from Cape Town, South Africa.  The largest tournament he’d ever Dueled in before was an 80-person tournament.


15-year-old Gabriel Netoz is also enjoying it, and likes how well everything is organized.


Pedro Camargo, 14 years old, is here with his Dad.  This is his first ever YCS, and is having fun playing against so many different types of Decks.

Pedro Gontow, also 14 years old, has played in Regional Qualifiers, but this is his first time at a YCS.